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baby blues and weight lose???

I just had a baby 3 & a half weeks ago.I am feeling so down about my weight. Really its just my stomach. I desperately want to loose at least 15 pounds. I always had a shapely body & now I have this horrible pudge! All my clothes were fitted and now I am embarrassed to wear anything because of my stomach. I don’t even want to go out for fear someone I know will see me and say wth happened. I know it takes time for weight to go off especially since this is my 2nd child. Anyone have any tips on how I can loose weight in a healthy way as quickly as possibly? (besides breastfeeding I was doing that but switched to the bottle.) Thank you

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3 Responses to “baby blues and weight lose???”

  1. Kyle said :

    Calm down. It’s ok. You just had a baby so don’t be hard on yourself. The only thing you can do is diet and exercise. Just stick it out, you’ll loose the weight eventually. Don’t be hard on yourself. You look fine!

  2. Val Cal said :

    You will lose the weight you just need to watch what you eat and be patient. My baby is 14 weeks now and i still need to loose 7 more pounds untill i can fit my old clothes again.

  3. Princess92 said :

    Please be patient! Losing baby weight takes tine and isn’t just going to come off over night! I’ve recently had my first child and I was slim before but I’m still huge! I’m just trying to cut down (not diet) and do plenty of exercise hoping I will lose weight. Please be patient and don’t fret about your weight, it will come off eventually and enjoy being a mummy! 🙂


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