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Fast and easy way to lose baby weight?

I want to lose weight as fast as possible but to still be healthy. Any one have some suggestions?

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4 Responses to “Fast and easy way to lose baby weight?”

  1. elementamigo92 said :

    sweat off water weight.
    dress in black heavy clothes and run!
    saw it on mtv, she lost 11 pounds easy.
    not easy but you know 🙂

  2. Stunned said :

    breast feed,,,, or pump your breast…. it can reduce your belly fat and body fat quickly……….

  3. Leon said :

    Get yourself a notebook and right down what you eat that day, stay away from fast foods, drink more water, stay away from soda, Do some light cardio for atleast 15 minutes a day, Walk, eat real foods not packaged TV dinners, Eat 6 low calories meals a day about 3 hours apart, you can do alot to lose weight!

  4. Fairy said :

    Walk it off.. I gained close to 100 lbs with my first. I started walking and then rollerblading and it eventually came off.


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