How can I lose weight fast the first month I have the baby?

I’m having a c section and cannot exercise for 6 weeks after birth. I plan on breastfeeding so I’m not sure if doing any cabbage soup diets are too gassy for the baby. Any advice from moms who lost weight quickly after birth by doing something healthy.

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11 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast the first month I have the baby?”

  1. Mommy to my Kailyn said:

    diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight. and look at it this way, it took you 9 mo to put on the weight so figure the same for it to come off (if you gained alot of weight) if you gained only the 20-35 recommend weight gian then it should come off with like i said diet and exercise.

  2. elainevdb said:

    You should take in at least an extra 500 calories a day when you breastfeed… if you go on a low calorie diet, your supply will suffer (trust me, I know). Just let yourself loose the weight slowly – if you loose it too fast, you’ll gain it all back anyway. Remember it took 9 months to get to where you are now, and it will take about that long to loose the weight again. Don’t rush yourself.

  3. Ashley said:

    I wouldn’t try any diets really like that, just watch what you eat and when you eat. Breastfeeding itself, for most, will help you lose a bit. Breastfeeding for me shed all of the baby weight plus an extra 10.

  4. Proud lil mommy said:

    I lost 40 pounds in 3 months just by eating healthy. I had a c section as well, but I never excersise. I was 220 at the end of my pregnancy and I am now 180 and my son is one.

  5. Liz M said:

    You will probably not be able to exercise and it’s not that great after birth anyway since your body’s still out of whack.
    I didn’t lift a finger and could barely walk after normal deliver for about 4 weeks and lost a tonne of weight just letting my baby take it from me.
    Stay away from diet, cuz it’ll affect the milk production. I went a few days without eating much (just had no appetite) and really struggled to feed as the milk just wasn’t coming.
    Don’t worry, the weight fades fast enough. I can’t believe how I look now (10 weeks later) after really not doing much to lose it.
    Good luck with it all! If you’re like me, you’ll obsess about your body before baby arrives and afterwards you’ll not be too bothered about it, because you’d rather spend time with your precious little one.

  6. #1 wifey said:

    You should not be in any kind of diet, you should eat a little of everything, healthy things, so your baby can have all the good nutrients in his milk. Plus, it might give him gas…believe me you don’t want a gassy baby….

  7. Confused girly said:

    You’ll lose weight from breast feeding. Don’t diet because your milk will slow down.

  8. kingmudge said:

    I started writing down what I eat! I lost 30 lbs the last 3 months. However, it is important if you are breastfeeding to eat enough! And breastfeeding is great in helping you losing weight.

  9. .BubblewraP. said:

    Well after a vaginal birth you can start exercising nearly straight away .. why are you having a ceaserean?? I had to have a c-section but i didnt want to. If its for any other reason then medical your very silly .. im going to try VBAC for my next child ..

    But to answer your question.. I was 89kg before i gave birth and 85 After in 2 months i was down to 73kg without doing anything except breastfeeding and eating about 2600 calories a day. After about 7 weeks i walked slowly about 40 Mins a day .. But how fast you lose weight depends on your age and weight .. The more you weigh the more calories you burn during exercise .. and the younger you are the more calories your burn .. is great .. its free too unlike the american one

  10. Leigha said:

    I exercised with my baby so I didn’t have to leave him at home…

  11. keena said:

    No joke here, but I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks…no exercise just breastfeeding…I also have hypothyroid and taking meds so im not sure the main reason im losing weight so quickly…anyone else losing weight this fast?


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