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How to lose baby weight after 18 months?

My son is 18 months almost and I’ve yet to lose any weight since leaving the hospital after a c-section. Can you please give me some plans/ideas that I can do to lose around 40 pounds. Most of this weight is still in my belly, so also, i know losing weight alone isn’t going to make it smaller again. HOw much time should i spend working out in a gym and in what ways?

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7 Responses to “How to lose baby weight after 18 months?”

  1. codystagg said :

    work out

  2. colklink88 said :

    That loose skin doesn’t go anywhere, but you could lose the fat underneath by restricting simple carbs & saturated fats and walking 1/2hr a day. Get used to your new skin, though…

  3. mmlcaaronwhitney said :

    You are 18 months old? I would not worry about being overweight at your age. I’d just enjoy learning new things such as crawling, walking and talking.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are only a year and a half old.

  4. Renee M said :

    I’ve just had my first and never realized how hard losing the wait was going to be esp. since having a baby alone is time consuming. I’ve found though that dieting and simple workouts show the biggest progress.

    Since your baby is old enough and heavy enough you’d prob. be able to use them to help you work out. For example, laydown on the ground and bring your knees to your chest. Have your baby lay on them with their belly facing yours. then lift your feet or extend your legs 10 times a rep. This works out your lower abs fast. Plus it gives you time to bond with the little one too.

  5. Ellesar W said :

    It really isn’t baby weight anymore I’m afraid, and the solution is just the same as for any other weight loss. Unless there is any other problem your scar shouldn’t be an issue so long after. If you belong to a gym they will help you do all the right exercises for what you want to achieve.

  6. ♥♥Nancy♥♥ said :

    ive been following a strict plan since i had my baby 8 weeks ago, and i only have about 2-4 more pounds to lose before im back to my pre pregnancy shape, first off, i eat a small breakfast plus a smoothie, a big lunch and a medium dinner, and fruit inbetween. Then i get my man to take my baby for a half hour whilst i do crunches stretches and weights for my arms. then i take my girl out for an hours walk with the dogs everyday. and i also breastfeed, which helps too. good luck! x

  7. Rosey55 D said :

    I am in the boat as you are. Anyways, try doing a search engine search on hcg weightloss.


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