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How to lose pregnancy weight quickly after having the baby?

i had a baby not to long ago and i put on quite a bit of weight. I used to be 110 pounds and now im 160 which as you can see is quite a big difference. I have no time to go to the gym since i have a young baby so im limited in what i can do. I would love to go for a jog everyday but where i am now its beginning to get cold so it’s difficult for me to do that. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of excercise i can do to lose the weight quickly i dont expect an over night miracle but i don’t want it to take years either. Any suggestions? Also any sugestions on diets i can try? Or any women in my position what did you do?

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5 Responses to “How to lose pregnancy weight quickly after having the baby?”

  1. adizille81 said :

    put down the fork

  2. ray o said :

    dvd’s at home can help

  3. Jenn said :

    Breast feeding will take it off faster than other methods. I cut out sugar drinks and breads. I scaled down my portions just a little. I also found this book of exercises I could do with baby. Although your may be to small to start that just yet. I did step outs going for ward and backwards 0n each leg. You can Google step outs if you have never done them before. I also did crunches going to left hand size an the right hand, and finally straight forward. When you can do them without waking up sore then its time to add and increase how many you do.

  4. TBWAP Moms said :

    It differs for everyone but think about it this way it took 9 +months for your body to change so it will take about that to restore completely back to normal. Take your time and focus on eating right and fitness.

    Once you get the ok from your doctor to workout out (around 6 weeks for vaginal delivery 8 weeks for c section) Eating small well balanced meals often will help milk supply and give you the nourishment needed to give you much needed energy. Lots of green veggies will help with your digestion and are full of iron. In the first few weeks really focus on your needs as well as your baby’s, sleep, eat and enjoy your newly found love affair.

    Good Luck and Congratulations!

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    TBWAP Moms

  5. Betsy Mry said :

    Obesity has become a major health problem around the world. Many companies have brought diet pills, medicines, powders and weight-loss belts in the market. Though these products claim to aid weight-loss, the weight reduction is temporary. Besides, the pills and powders can adversely affect your health. Here we offer you some tips to reduce weight successfully, without any negative health effects.

    1 Reduce fat intake:
    2 Reduce intake of sugar:
    3 Decrease alcohol consumption:
    4 Stay away from processed, fast and junk foods since they are laden with fat and sugar.
    5 Reduce quantity of food without going hungry:
    6 Adopt regular eating habits:
    7 Raise the amount of physical activity:
    8 Learn a new hobby or interest:
    9 Improve your metabolism by eating natural foods:
    10 Control your appetite:
    – Healthy life every day!


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