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How do I motivate myself to lose weight?

I have been struggling to lose weight for the longest. I have lost weight however somewhere along the line I see myself slipping off and gaining weight again. Can someone please advise me how to stop this from happening and how to keep myself motivated? How can I make my healthy eating in a lifestyle? Does anyone have any inspirational success stories?

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7 Responses to “How do I motivate myself to lose weight?”

  1. Want to know said :

    atkins diet.

  2. Sergio said :

    if you dont lose weight your going to be alone for the rest of your life

  3. Ashley said :

    the guy that you like likes you when your skinnier
    your husband wont love you (juuuust kidding)
    uhm, try finding a shirt or a dress or something like 2 sizes smaller, tell your self, i am GOING to wear that on the fourth of july.
    cut everything you eat in half.

    oh and btw, Weight Watchers works *

    : )

  4. Kenzie said :

    take a picture of youself at the beginning and then whenever you feel like you dont have any motivation look at the picture and think do i reallly want to look like this. then through your excercissing process take a picture of what you look like and if you see results i can garentee you’ll feel way better and keep excerciseng and soon you just go on doing your excercises frequently and then you’ll be able to be happy and maintain your weight.

  5. Jim said :

    Join your local Weight Watchers – they have weekly meeting for just that thing and provide you with guides to healthy habits. If you like more information on them do a Yahoo search for their website. Stay away from fad diets, they will only provide you with short term results and chances are you will be in worse shape when you come off the diet.

  6. napoleon said :

    Going back to when you asked yourself, How can I motivate myself to lose weight, you had a great attitude, having made the decision to make change. This same attitude will need to be carried throughout the time you lose weight since you will be faced with times of discouragement. You might drop the first 20 pounds quickly, only to discover the next 10 are not coming off. Be patient, persistent, and maintain your attitude, knowing this delay is only temporary.

    During the time you work on losing weight, you will need good support from family and friends. These should be people who love and care about you, those who also want you to succeed. During times of frustration or times when the weight is not moving, use your support system to get through.

  7. Morgan H. said :

    I would like to give you just a simple workout plan but it is not that easy to lose weight. It is going to take 3 important things. You need to look at these fundamentals and then build your plan on this foundation.

    1. Exercise

    2. Diet

    3. Attitude / Motivation

    I used to do fitness training when I was in college and I know exactly what it takes to lose those pounds.

    1. Exercise. You must workout not less that 5 times per week. The best type exercise for losing weight is aerobic exercise. That means you have to get your heart rate up and breathing rate up. You should do a min. of (5) 30 minute aerobic activities per week.
    *walking is good but keep up a very fast pace and pump your arms to increase the blood flow and burns more calories! Biking is also good. Treadmill is also good.

    2. DIET: You have to watch your calorie intake. Simple formula says: If you eat More calories than you burn you will Gain weight. If you eat Less calories than you burn you will Lose weight.
    Eat salads with fat free dressing. Eat lots of fresh foods, carrots, celery. Eat high protein low fat meats like chicken breast out the can. Go to the deli and get lean roast beef and turkey and make sandwiches. Eat rice with no butter and no rich sauces. Stay away from ALL fast food! All the exercising won’t help if you don’t watch what you fuel your body with.

    3. Attitude is glue that binds this weight loss formula together. Losing weight is not easy. It takes discipline and a positive attitude. It is not easy to change your eating and activities habits but you must do it. You have to target your goal and stay on track. A positive attitude will keep you on course!

    Message me if you’d like to talk or want more info.


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