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What is the fastest way for someone to lose weight?

Okay, I know im overweight. I want to change that. I am a 15 year old freshman and I want to lose as much weight as I can before sophomore year. Is there anyway that i can lose weight without doing too much work? I really want to change my lifestyle.

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10 Responses to “What is the fastest way for someone to lose weight?”

  1. ♥ღ♥ scottish blondie ♥ღ♥ said :

    Diet pills or healthy eating and exercise… its your choice…

  2. heather c said :

    hey, well all you need to do is eat right eat less and get active, walking for 30 mins will help you out to. and your young so your metabilism will boost you and you will lose weight out of no where. and yeah you can lose alot because before my sophormore year of high school i lost 60 pounds in like 3 months and continued as i went through school. good luck “]

  3. twilightaholic95 said :

    ok……one of the best things u can do is walk/run! whether it’s on the treadmill or out on the street or around the track……it’s really good for u. and then of course make some healthier choices in eating! one other thing u can do is ride a bike…….or use a stationary/exercise bike! good luck!

  4. Megan said :

    Eating correctly and exercise.
    And no, if you want to look good, you’re going to have to do the work.
    But eating better will do a lot, for your age.

    DO NOT starve yourself. I used to take aderol and I lost 15 pounds in a week from not eating. After school was over, I ate a LOT more than when I was taking the medicine (naturally) and my body hung on and stored everything I ate, making it almost impossible to burn off. If your body things it’s starving itself, it’ll hang on to everything you eat and store it as fat.

  5. confusion413 said :

    there is no quick way to lose weight without a lot of work. in order to lose as much weight as possible in a healthy way, you need to make sure you have a proper diet and a moderate leveled workout plan that you will follow day to day. But the most basic way is to find some time to do some cardio 30-45 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. Keep in mind that you will need to ensure that you break a sweat within the first 5-10 minutes to ensure you are at the proper pace for your cardio. Doing some pilates or yoga will be helpful in toning the body and strengthening your lean muscles. The more lean muscles you develop, the higher metabolism you’ll end up getting. This will ensure that your body uses up more calories and keep you lean.

    When it comes to diet, just take out soda or limit the amount you drink, keep an eye on the amount of sugar you take in, focus on eating lean meats like fish and chicken, increase the amount of fruits and veggies, and focus on whole grains. This will ensure your intake of high glycemic foods will be kept low and you’ll be able to stay toned and healthy. For snacks, try making a fruit parfait with low fat yogurt, fruits, and a little dark chocolate.

    Junk food should be avoided, but not a requirement. Just make sure it is not a part of your daily diet and you don’t eat more than the recommended amounts.

    So hope this helped and good luck with your lifestyle change.

  6. Morgan H. said :

    I would like to give you just a simple answer here but it is not that easy to lose weight. It is going to take 3 important things. You need to look at these fundamentals and then build your plan on this foundation.

    1. Exercise

    2. Diet

    3. Attitude / Motivation

    I used to do fitness training when I was in college and I know exactly what it takes to lose those pounds.

    1. Exercise. You must workout not less that 5 times per week. The best type exercise for losing weight is aerobic exercise. That means you have to get your heart rate up and breathing rate up. You should do a min. of (5) 30 minute aerobic activities per week.
    *walking is good but keep up a very fast pace and pump your arms to increase the blood flow and burns more calories! Biking is also good. Treadmill is also good.

    2. DIET: You have to watch your calorie intake. Simple formula says: If you eat More calories than you burn you will Gain weight. If you eat Less calories than you burn you will Lose weight.
    Eat salads with fat free dressing. Eat lots of fresh foods, carrots, celery. Eat high protein low fat meats like chicken breast out the can. Go to the deli and get lean roast beef and turkey and make sandwiches. Eat rice with no butter and no rich sauces. Stay away from ALL fast food! All the exercising won’t help if you don’t watch what you fuel your body with.

    3. Attitude is glue that binds this weight loss formula together. Losing weight is not easy. It takes discipline and a positive attitude. It is not easy to change your eating and activities habits but you must do it. You have to target your goal and stay on track. A positive attitude will keep you on course!

    Message me if you’d like to talk or want more info.

  7. Guess said :

    1) get a little more active. walk, run, yoga, or join sports!

    2) eat, but try not to eat obvious calories. enjoy yourself every once in a while, but control yourself enough not to eat TOO much.

    3) Keep in touch with your diet at least somewhat after you lose the weight or you’ll gain it back after.


  8. Buloy said :

    The fastest way to lose weight is not safe and, besides if you lose weight fast you will likely regain it. Here’s a suggestion:

    Eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C. These help burn fat and increase metabolic rate. Eat breakfast and don’t skip it. Skipping breakfast slows down body metabolism which make you gain weight. Eating a healthy breakfast would jump-start your day, give you energy and can help you eat in moderation at lunch and dinner.

    Exercise daily or on most days for at least 30 minutes(1 hour is better). Aerobic exercise like brisk walking, bicycling is good for weight loss. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.


  9. nickteopaul said :

    see a doctor, do a lipo suction surgery, it work!!!

  10. Emilie D said :

    I use the ShrinkIt Weight Loss System, it’s working great. I’m starting to look good AND feel good. The ShrinkIt program includes:

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