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How can I motivate myself into losing weight and lose weight without losing my curves?

I keep making excuses for myself to not exercise. My mom is concerned about my weight and so am I. I am 20 lbs overweight, but I don’t look fat. I’m starting to gain stretchmarks on my legs and thighs. I am 5’3 and weigh over 160 lbs. I want to lose weight during the summer, but not lose my curves because that makes me look unique.

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4 Responses to “How can I motivate myself into losing weight and lose weight without losing my curves?”

  1. songbird7150 said :

    Hun, if your curves are naturally your own then they won’t disappear just because you decided to make a healthy decision to lose the extra 20 lbs. And 20 lbs might not seem like a lot, but for your height I would worry about it, especially as most of it is probably being concentrated in a few key areas. Like your thighs, or your belly. And losing a little extra water weight in these places will make your life easier as you’ll be able to get around with more ease, with less stress and it’s always nice to have the extra energy boost from losing just five to ten pounds!

  2. ♥rєᴛrσrσmαncє said :

    If your curves are natural ones, they will not disappear from losing 20 pounds.
    Just imagine how stunning you will be in a bathing suit, especially a bikini. Also you’ll improve your health, since you won’t be overweight. 🙂
    You need a lot of willpower, so I recommend that you should get a personal trainer, since they will push you hard, so even if you start making excuses, they won’t let you stop.
    Good luck!

  3. Roger H said :


    It’s so easy to make excuse, but the good thing is you can overcome that. Just because you lose weight doesn’t in fact mean your body’s curves will change. However if you are working out properly and doing fitness drills your body will change for the benefit. What I mean is your abs will be tighter and the such.

    Good fitness doesn’t come overnight though. You will have to approach it slowly and work hard at advancing to the next levels. If you need more help visit the resource below.

  4. Bluestar said :

    The Ultimate way to really loose weight is to detoxify the body first. Toxins in the body is really what kicks the body out of sync in the first place. Loosing weight is easy, it’s KEEPING that weight off where the problem comes in. When the body is put through a cleanse first then the weight loss challenge is much, much improved. Myself and some friends of mine have had some VERY good results with the program at the following website= They have a very well thought out exercise plan and very helpful food and meal plans. It is also amazingly easy to follow. One of the best parts about it is that it is COMPLETELY risk free. If your not satisfied 100% they offer a money back guarantee. In other words, one has nothing to loose but pounds!
    Good Luck.


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