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How can you convince parents and the rest of the people in your household to stop smoking?

How can you convince a mom, her boyfriend, and a 20 year old brother to stop smoking? How to make them realize how much damage they’re doing to the younger ones in the house? (14 and 12)


Please and thank you.

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7 Responses to “How can you convince parents and the rest of the people in your household to stop smoking?”

  1. coley0204 said :

    You can’t really. Sucks I know but until they want to quit they will not. I know because I smoked for close to 15 years. I finally quit a year and a month ago but no matter what anyone told me I didn’t really listen. I finally quit because of the crazy prices! Now you may be able to talk them into at least smoking outdoors. Tell them if they want to ruin their own health then find but that you don’t want them ruinging the younger ones healths.

  2. jpgregory2001 said :

    Smoking is a very bad addiction (I smoke) – more than likely the younger ones will begin to smoke also. When my oldest daughter began to drive, she said she would go to the store for us for anything but our “smokes” – now she also smokes.

  3. MAHOGANY79 said :

    That’s too bad…..smoking is so old news.
    Suggest an area outside where they can go since they feel the need to smoke and bluntly tell them that the second hand smoke is killing the innocent ones around them.
    It won’t be easy but it’s not impossible.

  4. Lou said :

    You can’t just make sure you don’t smoke.

  5. Paul W said :

    You could try spraying their cigarretes with water everytime they go to light up in front of you then you could protest what harm it is doing to your health and theirs. You might cause a few arguments but maybe thats what they need cause they are obviously not listening. At least if they have to smoke they could go outside and do it then you would have reasonably clean air in the house.

  6. Susan Yarrawonga said :

    Tell them to contact the Quitline to ask why they should stop smoking.

  7. Cougar said :

    Me and my girlfriend used to smoke all the time in the house.Then I made the decision to smoke outside because we love our son and our dog. Just ask them if they love you why are they trying to harm you.Walk around the house with a dust mask on .Only then will they realize how serious your are about this. Or,they will just smoke outside so you will stop walking around the house with a dust mask on.They cost about a $1.00 at the hardware store.


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