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How do I convince my dad to stop smoking?

My dad has been smoking for 26 years and I have tried so many things to make him stop but he won’t, he always says he will go to a clinic and ask a doctor for several years but he hasn’t, WHAT SHOULD I DO!

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9 Responses to “How do I convince my dad to stop smoking?”

  1. KRD said:

    Take him to a cancer hospital and show him lung cancer patient.

  2. Bob B said:

    Ultimately, it’s his right to smoke if he so desires. Smoking might be a stupid thing to do, but it’s also a perfectly legal thing to do. There’s also no magic way to get him to stop.

    If he’s dumb enough to continue to smoke, then that’s his decision.

  3. MrCat said:

    You really can’t make him quit.
    The only way a person quits smoking is if that person wants to quit. THEY have to be the ones willing to make a change in their lives, and someone else telling him to will not make that change.

  4. jjc said:

    Here are some ideas:
    1. Get a time for you and him to get together and talk about it.
    2. Ask for support from your teacher or counselor.
    3. Ask him kindly and indirectly why he didn’t do what you ask for him to do.
    4. Ask your doctor what you should do.

    Give it a try!!!!!

  5. Olivya xo said:

    This is the same as me, my dad has been smoking since he was 14 and he is know 40! he wont stop no matter what i tell him, I’m always worrying about him. I would suggest buying him some patch’s or gum? do some research and explain to him just how bad it is for his health! show him some you tube video’s with pictures that show all the disgusting side effects of smoking. talk to him about all the risk’s and tell him your only doing it because you care. you could also make the appointment on behalf of him and drag him there! that way he has no choice. i hope i helped 🙂

  6. Alex M. said:

    he h as to want to give up , you cant do it for him i smoked for many years , and gave up just like that. but its different for everyone. good luck

  7. Binod Sah said:

    Now, for some (most, actually) people quitting smoking, or any habit like that, is extremely hard. Especially if they begun a very long time ago. So do understand that they aren’t doing this to harm anyone on purpose. For them to quit they have to want to quit!!! That’s the first rule. There are several techniques, such as smoking one less cigarette a day, or having a money jar where one puts in the same amount he/she spends on cigarettes (helps to realize how much money is wasted), (one cool method is making a facebook group, If this group has X number of likes my parents will quit smoking, of course you have to get your parents to agree) there are many techniques, but it’s up to them to find which works best. You can research and share with them any methods that you find.

  8. stephen k said:

    Leave pics of diseased lungs about the house

  9. Pauly said:

    Go to the library and do some research on the dangers of smoking, if the have books about dangers of smoking, check it out, show it to him after you read a few chapters or pages of the book.


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