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How can i convince an adult to stop smoking?

Yes, I’m tired of all the bad smokish smell everyday. It makes me feel sick and awful. I know how much of a damage it does. How can i convince my father to stop smoking?

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4 Responses to “How can i convince an adult to stop smoking?”

  1. Kev said :

    1. threaten to beat the crap out of him, steal the cigs and run b4 he kills you.
    2.threaten to commit suicide.
    3.threaten to kill his family including you if it concerns you.
    4. chop his legs off, so he starts drinking instead of smoking.
    5.pretend to smoke a cig and pretend to die infront of him.

  2. Matt said :

    whoop his god damn ass!

  3. NEW said :

    Well, I am happily figured out a way to make my bro stop smoking. Apparently you can’t stop smoker when you are a member in the house so you have to take the long way, which is, let his friends give him new ideas that makes him stop smoking.
    My bro’s friends advise him to concentrate on the gym ans sport stuff so he automatically stopped it.
    Hope same to ur dad.

  4. Miss Chievous said :

    Ask him if he seriously wants to stop.
    If so tell him you really support it.
    Have him go see his doc. they can prescribe some meds to help and put him on some sort of action plan to quit.


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