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How would you convince your hubby to stop smoking?

My Father died of lung cancer that’s why im scared that it would happen same thing to my hubby. I convince him many times to stop smoking but he won’t listen. He does smoke when im not around with him.

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26 Responses to “How would you convince your hubby to stop smoking?”

  1. FullMast said:

    Staple his/her mouth shut

  2. bad #itch on 2 legs said:

    threaten to beat him up in his sleep

  3. norman7774 said:

    It is NOT easy… the person smoking MUST first WANT to quit and of course, that is what you are trying to INSTILL in him.. If he is NOT yet ready to quit, it will do no good. I tried patches, gum, etc and it is all worthless and a waste of money. I finally just quit on my own… I had previously thought about accupuncture.. and I am still curioius as to whether that would work

  4. 360flipdude said:

    why did he start in the first place?

  5. Helga J said:

    Take him on a little field trip to the local hospital where people are hooked up to oxygen tanks so they can take a breath without pain & anguish. Let him know about second-hand smoke – if he doesn’t care about his life, at least make him protect yours by smoking outside, so you don’t have to breathe in the fumes.

  6. 1/2 pint said:

    he wont unless he wants to and even then it is very hard. my mom died of lung and brain cancer. i tried to stop.i know the risk. you must really want to.

  7. igno said:

    if you have kids, have a stranger go up to him and ask if he wants to live to see his daughter/son finish college, get married etc.

  8. Carlos R said:

    Do some research on heart disease, life expectancy, and lung cancer. Pictures of cancer of the lungs, tongue, mouth can be very convincing. I smoked for many years, quit 11 years ago, and have never regretted quitting. Plus, I’ve saved thousands of $$.

  9. stascia said:

    people who smoke really hate to hear about how much they need to stop smoking. in my years as a nurse, it seems like every time i have tried to give a patient some information on how to stop smoking and why, they get all defensive and angry.

    however, i just went to a class at my local community health center about smoking cessation, and learned alot about how to help people quit smoking. the first thing that the smoker needs to know is that they are cared for and loved, and that the reason you want them to quit is because you care for them very much. it helps them to know that you will be supporting them and will be there for them whenever times get bad (like when they go through the withdrawal and really want another cigarette). another thing that helps is just flat out honesty. dont try to pad the issue, dont try to make it seem like you dont care one way or the other if they quit or dont – tell them you want them to quit and why. be brutally honest if you have to, and show emotion. another thing is to make sure you have all of your options of quitting aids available to talk to the smoker about so that they know there are things out there to help them – the patch, the nicotine gum, wellbutrin (a prescription available for smoking cessation) in severe cases…there are many things out there so the smoker needs to have the freedom to choose which method he wants to use to quit. hopefully, you are successful!

  10. late664 said:

    That’s gonna be REALLY hard, especially if he was a smoker before you two met. But, the most important thing is, does HE want to quit. If he doesn’t, then as hard as it is, I think you should respect his decision. If he does, or at lease would consider trying, then there’s hope…

    You can try to convince him by bribing him with other goodies… make a game out of it, and get fun and creative (if you know what I mean). Make deals with him… and above all, just them him how much you love him, and since you already lost somebody you love due to smoking, you don’t know if you’ll be able to handle the lost of another… Good luck!

  11. shigatoxin said:

    Smoking decreases libido and quality of erection. I always find this fact the most important in convincing guys to quit.
    Genlty mention that u have noticed some “change” in that department. LOL

  12. redheadedjilly said:

    well you really cant make some one do anything they dont want to do. he will quit when he is ready, I will say it does not mean that he doesnt love you if he cant quit, its a hard thing to do, I finally did after 25 years I am 5 months off cigs now. good for me!! good luck to you. and him!

  13. penny said:

    You absolutely cannot nag him into it. He knows it’s not healthy but when you nag him about it he will just smoke when you are not around as you say he does. I am a nurse and I certainly know smoking is harmful. I’m sorry to say I smoke and my husband doesn’t. We are in the same position as you only it’s me smoking (like your hubby) and he doesn’t (like you). He has tried everything to get me to quit. I know thta everything he says is true but I still smoke (but not around him like your hubby). He will quit when he chooses to quit. All you do is make him sneak when you nag about it. He’s an adult and his behaviour that he chooses may have bad consequences for himself and you but there is nothing you can do. Good luck though

  14. amberharris20022000 said:

    tell him if he stops more loving from u

  15. eepee*eepee said:

    You gotta get to the root of the reason why he smokes, first. Ask him if he smokes because it’s a die-hard habit? Or he thinks it’s manly to smoke? Whatever his reason is, you’ve gotta understand that kicking the smoking habit’s not easy. Your husband definitely knows the dreadful consequences of smoking and the last thing he needs is someone else nagging him that he’ll die of lung cancer soon!

    My boyfriend quit smoking recently and he found it EXTREMELY difficult! He said that if a person wishes to quit, it’s not so easy as to simply chew nicotine gum and let the cigarette addiction go away. It takes A LOT of will power to quit. In fact, a lot of withdrawal symptoms will kick in, like putting on tremendous amounts of weight, shortness of breath, terrible migraines, having a short temper, uncontrollable trembling….the list goes on. And all this while, I had to be an understanding and supportive partner.

    So, if you want your husband to quit smoking, there must be a mutual agreement between the both of you first. Go to your local doctor together and see if your husband is mentally ready to quit his habit. Good luck!

  16. lily2enme said:

    No kisses ’til he quits.

  17. Pookie's mom said:

    Take your husband to a funeral home and pre-plan his funeral. This way he can go straight into the ground.

    Next take him out to tour nursing home. This is where you will put him when he has emphysema and requires 24/7 care. Make him realize you aren’t going to let him ruin your life because he doesn’t care about his.

    Dying from cancer is the least of your concerns, it’s what he will live through you should think about. He needs to realize that smoking is not only about him. Just because he doesn’t smoke around doesn’t mean you remain unaffected.

  18. NIck N said:

    Well you can’t. You knew he was smoking before you married him. Why? You can not get anyone to stop anything unless they see the error of their way and want to stop smoking themselves. I would suggest if you are still young, buy an big insurance term policy on him. Then at least you will not be in money worries when he gets cancers and your health insurance runs out or he has a heart attack and or bypass surgery.

    Good Luck

    The worse thing you can do is to harp at him about his smoking. I am glad to hear that he only smokes outside your presence. That is one good mark for you. My Mother in law died of second hand smoke cause by cancer in her lungs and never smoked it her life, three years before her husband died of the same decease.

  19. centreofclassicrock said:

    Show him the facts on that should get him to stop smoking

  20. pj h said:

    i myself use tobacco,and yes it,s a bad and, filthy habbit i admit it and wish i never started, but your husband (don,t call him your hubby it,s offensive) is probably unable to quit. nicotene is as addictive as heron. this is a proven fact. if you leave him alone he just possibly might quit on his own, however if you don,t leave him alone, he may leave you alone…….perminately!!! so don,t nag at him about this disgusting problem it could be mutch worse.instead ask youself how nearly perfect you are? he might quit on his own but don,t count on it. i realize i, i myself will never quit and i know it

  21. Salma said:

    Like in a short story by Stephen King, cut off his finger everytime you see him smoke or sense him smoking… do it until all ten fingers are gone and there you go! he can’t smoke with no fingers!

  22. billyandgaby said:

    leave him

  23. salim khan said:

    this is me salim from Dherai swat.I would like to advise you how to quit smoking?very simple,if you will pray five times and you will determine not to smoke ,you will give up this bad habit.

  24. preacher55 said:

    Tell him , “either quit smoking or forget about sex!”

  25. Judasrabbi said:

    Just show him people who are dying of lung cancer.

  26. WilljClinton said:

    Cancer will stop him. Help his with the effort.


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