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How can I convince myself to stop smoking?

I need to quit. I know its a bad habit and I should stop. I am only 17 years old.I’ve been smoking for only like 7 months. What are some ways or tips that can help me stop? I want to go to my doctor but I don’t want my parents to find out..I need help..STUPID CIGARETTES ARE EFFECTING MY LIFE.

Please no stupid comments.Thanks

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8 Responses to “How can I convince myself to stop smoking?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    U need to slowly ween ur self off of them take it one day at a time

  2. The Incredible One said :

    Realize that we the same money you spend on cigarettes, you could save or invest in something else that actually benefits you in a healthy way

  3. taco_man_747 said :

    for me quitting was as easy as getting into college and being so insanely broke that I just can’t afford to smoke five dollars every few days. Think about how much money that adds up to over time. Also.. your health isn’t affected nearly as bad now as if you keep up the habit. Quitting now will give your body enough time to 100% undue the damage done to your lungs, 7 months is not that bad. heart disease is the number 1 killer and cigarettes contribute to that a lot.

  4. Langer said :

    Well just think of this they are eating way at your organs and i’ve been off them a year now and smoked for 6 years and i’m 22 now and well proud of it too.

  5. Rusty Tater © said :

    You need to wake up and realize that you are the one in control… just stop using them… I smoked for 20 years and one day 8 years ago, I just threw the pack out the car window and said enough ! Be strong and good luck !

  6. ♥Jen♥ said :
  7. museforever0 said :

    tell yourself that when you’re older, you’re gonna suffer a miserable, slow, painful death from lung cancer if you keep smoking. think this every time you get a craving or look at a cigarette. i think you should tell your parents though, they’d help motivate you to quit

  8. just smile ! ♥ said :

    slowly quit


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