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What’s a good, effective way to convince someone to stop smoking?

For a project at school, I have to come up with creative way to convince someone to stop smoking, it can be done in any way; powerpoint, commercial, poem, short story.
But I’m coming up blank. >.< any ideas?

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7 Responses to “What’s a good, effective way to convince someone to stop smoking?”

  1. curious said :

    you cannot convince someone to stop smoking!! the person needs to want to stop smoking no amount of convincing will work

  2. Fu said :

    you cant..

    the only way someone will quit is if they want to.

    the fact is..there is so much information about the dangers of smoking, and people still choose to smoke. everyone knows its bad for them and what can happen to them, and what does happen to them..but they continue to do it..there is no way to convince someone to do it..they have to make a committed choice to quit..

  3. shades of grey said :

    Take them to a hospital where someone is dying from a smoking related illness…there may be someone there that you can speak to that has a patient who would be more than happy to say “Don’t do what I did”.

  4. Metalhead499 said :

    Make him eat a cigarette(shove it in his mouth),may seem cruel but not as bad as the damage over time cigarettes does.

  5. the mysterious stranger said :

    money talks find the price of a pack of cigarettes and muliply this by 365 for an annual cost basis,
    where i am this works out at around $20 a pack times 365=$7300 a year.
    now that is a good reason not to.financially
    and maybe show the movie sicko by mm.

  6. Lil Jay Chou said :

    personally, i think the most convincing way is to show pictures of black lungs and respiratory airways to show the health affects of smoking.
    if u want, u can even make a model of a black lung or an affected liver… idk…

  7. Lisa said :

    What an impossible and politically correct assignment! Lets teach you all how to further dehumanize and humiliate smokers while driving home the fact that smoking is bad for you!
    Way to manipulate the younger population!

    Being the non-conforming rebel I am – I would write my essay beginning with the fact that you can not convince a long term smoker to quit – they have to want to – end of story.
    THEN I would introduce the concept of reduced harm and research the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes as a smoking alternative AND how long term smokers are using them to quit because current “approved methods” are ineffective in dealing with all of the addictions of smoking. It’s not just the nicotine smokers are addicted to. Non-smokers “just don’t get it!” and Ex-smokers have to turn their former love of smoking into a true hate to keep off of them. Thats why ex-smokers turn into the worst anti-smoking advocates in society.
    BTW – I AM NOT ADVOCATING KIDS TO USE E-CIGS!!!! The point would be to show how supporting a reduced harm smoking alternative could actually be the answer to promoting the goal of a “smokeless society”.
    This may not be for you if this assignment is under high school or college level as there is a lot of information to disseminate.
    If you’re interested in taking it on – email me. I can provide you with links to TONS of information, scientific research, and how e-cigs are being squashed by government because they are too effective in helping smokers get off of tobacco.


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