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what is a good way to quit smoking without buying those expensive stop smoking aids?

i want to quit smoking but i dont want to buy those stop smoking aids that are expensive and never work. have any suggestions?

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6 Responses to “what is a good way to quit smoking without buying those expensive stop smoking aids?”

  1. meemeerzzzz said:

    I would ween myself off of the cigarettes. If you are a pack a day smoker. I would smoke 15 cigarettes in a day for two days then i would only smoke 10 cigarettes for the next two day, 8 then 6 then 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1. The other thing you can do is go cold turkey. Remind yourself that nicotine withdrawal only lasts 7 days, anything after that is just habit. Try keeping yourself busy. boredom will only remind you of how bad you want a cigarette. The other thing that you can do before you quit is break some of the habits like lighting up a cigarette whenever you get on the phone, Waking up in the morning, right before bed, and after meals. When you go to reach for a cigarette ask yourself do i really need this right now? I got free patches from the New York state smoker quit line website. I know a lot of other states like Colorado offer them too. Good luck and stay strong!

  2. Joshua H said:

    They do work, if you use the right ones and are sufficiently motivated. There is no good way to quit cold turkey — if you aren’t very addicted, it will work, if you are, you will fail. I suggest you try the Commit lozenges, which are more effective than the patches and the gum. Better yet, get a prescription for Chantix, which is far and away the most effective stop smoking aid.

  3. xaxorm said:

    If you can’t quit cold turkey then try the crutch that works for me: The electronic cigarette. There are several brands, from several places. I’m talking about the thing which comes with a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge with nicotine liquid. You wean yourself off the nicotine gradually. They work. I’ve quit two months with it. It costs less than the real cigarettes. The gum and the patch did not work for me. I repeat: The e-cigarette works.

  4. laterales said:

    Smoking is more of a psychological addiction than a physical one. If you really want to quit you must discover the reasons why you smoke and then eliminate or change these thought processes.

    Once you deal with the psychological side of smoking it makes the quitting process easy, no matter your level of addiction.

    Quitting smoking does not require any patches, gums, hypnosis or anything like that. These methods are expensive, time consuming and simply do not work. All that is required is a bit of motivation, self belief and determination.

    Visit our site to join our inspirational 12 day e-course. You can also download our free book ’36 Powerful Superfoods’ to help fight weight gain and start mending damage caused by smoking.

    Good Luck and Good Quitting

  5. maher said:

    But with the today’s world we have a new way to quit smoking easily is it called Hypnotherapy with hypnotherapy you can quit smoking easily without all those craving of cigarettes with this method your cravings for cigarettes will reduce and you will be relaxed it is a new way to motivate an individual to quit smoking hypnotherapy has been around for many years it can make a person do anything it wants you to do it can even turn you into a smoker! read more

  6. cody b said:

    Hi, I quit smoking myself about 7 years ago now, I’ve put how I did it on my website, it’s got a bunch of other stuff to on how to quit. If that’s no use there are links there to other sites that might be useful. Worked for me, might work for you.

    just click on the smoking tab.

    good luck


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