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How do you stop sugar cravings after you quit smoking?

I stopped smoking three days ago (yay!) and I feel fine, no irritability after the first day…. however, I do notice that my sweet tooth has really been kicking! I’m really concerned about gaining weight, and I don’t want to go back to smoking. What are some ways to stop the sugar cravings, or what are some tips for dealing with them? Thank you!

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5 Responses to “How do you stop sugar cravings after you quit smoking?”

  1. smoothopr_2 said :

    remember u cant have just one!!, i craved fatty foods big time when i quit, i went from 179 to 210, replace that habbit with a good habbit , gym , biking, working out,

  2. Fender said :

    Make sure you get plenty of excercise and that you eat the right foods. Make sure you have a balnced and healthy meal everytime you eat.

  3. justj0sh1ng said :

    always, always, be chewing sugar free gum. it allows your mouth to be doing something which can replace the overall motion of smoking. expirement with sugar free gum, any kind will work but it is important you like it so you will keep on chewing it. also, i recommend the extra brand is great for this because it has a sugary tast to it but it dosn’t have any sugar in it and the tast lasts awhile so you wont have to constantly get new gum. you don’t have to use it, but i personaly love it.

  4. Human said :

    Start using less sugar , but don’t avoid eating that sugar filled snack.

    You will still be better off than, smoking!

    Eat regular meals and stay hydrated.

    There will always be a low calorie substitute

  5. Brenda said :

    new medicine called Chantrix


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