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How soon do you gain weight after stop smoking?

It’s really hard for me to gain weight and im quitting smoking so its going to help me gain. I was wondering how long after you stop smoking do you start to gain weight. Im one of the few that looks forward to the weight gain lol. Thanks in advance.

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4 Responses to “How soon do you gain weight after stop smoking?”

  1. Nikki B said :

    well your metabolism will begin to slow right away but it will be about a month before you see a real difference. 3 months you will see about 10lbs. I just quit and this is what my Dr told me

  2. Gourdman said :

    You don’t — unless you put more food in your mouth in place of the cigarettes.

  3. John C said :

    I’m actually in the same boat as you, quitting smoking to help weight gain an improve health.

    You can actually see some ‘weight gain’ pretty much the day after you quit smoking as your appetite comes back. This weight is of course simply the weight of the extra food you wouldn’t normally have eaten. Of course, your metabolism will slow down when you quit smoking which will lead to long term weight gain if food intake and exercise isn’t watched closely.

    I’ve gotten myself down to only smoking one cigarette each day for the past week, and my weight has been fluxuating due to food intake but right now I’m about four pounds heavier.

    Below I’ll provide a link to a good webpage about the effects on your body as you quit smoking.

    Good luck!

  4. Josh said :

    Almost instantly, in fact you tend to eat like a pig, it took me a year for most of the weight to come back off.


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