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How to lose fat fast after a weight gain?

I have been gaining weight cause i was to thin 135 pounds now i’m at 160 but i have got some fat on my belly after this weight gain how do i lose this fat without getting thin again?

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3 Responses to “How to lose fat fast after a weight gain?”

  1. ??? said :

    You mean you can’t gain a perfect medium?
    I would recommend increasing your cardio but also eating more (healthy food)
    This way you will have enough energy for your cardio and lose weight, but also keep some on from eating

  2. aj mil said :

    you cant just lose fat in your belly. if you workout you will lose fat everywhere, but most of belly fat is from what your eating. so, maybe if you choose better foods it will help the belly fat go away. no processed foods, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar.. good luck

  3. Samurai P said :

    run and lift weights. you will gain weight but it will be muscle.


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