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How fast did you lose weight after becoming a vegetarian?

I’m not trying to lose weight or becoming a vegetarian. I’ve just heard that you drop weight fast. Is that true?

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18 Responses to “How fast did you lose weight after becoming a vegetarian?”

  1. Paranormal Kitty said :

    It’s not true.

  2. Dna Denizen said :

    I think I gained 5+ pounds after becoming veg.

  3. natalie marie. said :

    Lies, they tell you! Lies!
    Really, I don’t think being a vegetarian affected my wait. I’ve lost about two pounds since becoming a vegetarian, but I don’t believe it’s due to my meatless diet, especially since it happened over the course of a year and a half, quite slowly.
    But you still might wanna try vegetarianism?
    Hope I helped, hope you do (:

  4. Molli S said :

    I have been a vegie my whole life and I am getting pretty over weight. Actually… I am. If you are a vegie you go more to starch and you end up with Celiac deseiase. Or you have less iron, and you need to take B-12 before eating a meal because the meat gives helps with the blood vessals. If you want to be healthy DON’T be a vegie!

  5. PeachGirl said :

    They lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Foolish humans.

  6. Julia S said :

    I didn’t lose anything. I kept my caloric intake the same. I just wasn’t eating meat any more.

  7. Syd said :

    Nope. Bread, pasta, french fries, soda, pie, and more are also vegetarian, but aren’t exactly paving the road to weight loss. I was vegetarian and overweight, now I am still vegetarian and losing weight, so being vegetarian didn’t make a difference in my weight loss. Making healthier vegetarian choices however did.

    You can be vegetarian if you want to, but it’s not a weight loss diet–you’re just not eating animals. To lose weight, stick to the old fashion fruits, veggies, lean protein (this could be meat or beans/tofu/soy/nuts depending on whether you are veggie or not), whole grains, healthy fats (almonds, avocado, olive oil, etc.), and lots of water. Then go to the gym or do a work-out DVD. Eat less, burn more. It’s not rocket science, there doesn’t need to be a special trick, you can do it!

  8. Elleanor said :

    I lost 10 pounds, but that was like in 2 months time. (and i don’t even think it’s was because of being vegetarian) Not everybody loses weight becoming vegetarian. It depends on many things, like your diet, how much you eat, if you exercise and stuff like that. people don’t turn vegetarian and magically lose 30 pounds. The only way to lose weight is to burn off more calories than you consume.

  9. ideaguy83 said :

    I’ve never lost weight from vegetarianism. I eat like a “normal” North American most of the time except I replace meat with soy or gluten. Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories then you take in. Weight loss doesn’t care if you’re eating chicken or tofu. In some ways it’s easier to eat fewer calories as a vegetarian because veggie burgers or hot dogs have much less fat and calories than meat alternatives, but at the same time, a lot of vegetarian people still eat a ton of dairy or deep-fry foods, so it’s not necessarily a super-diet. If you’re looking to turn vegetarianism into a weight-loss diet there is a popular book out there called “Skinny Bitch” which looks at vegetarianism from the perspective of a good way to be skinny and healthy. The book’s pretty funny too.

  10. GummyBear said :

    It’s not exactly true, there are countless variables to consider when losing weight. The best way to lose weight would be to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Vegetarianism/veganism is a lifestyle, not a get-slim-quick diet 🙂

  11. Paige(Tokio Hotel <3) said :

    depends on the person i lost 16 lbs after i became vegan but because i wanted to and i stayed away from bread and sugars and only ate veggies and buckwheat and stuff
    plus i exercised
    some people gain weight because they only eat bread and pasta ,ect….
    if u have a well balanced meal ull be just fine 🙂

  12. cr said :

    I gained weight, because I ate food after becoming a vegetarian, where as before I didn’t

  13. JSamuel said :

    I had the same problem.

    They really helped me.

  14. Chelseamae6 said :

    I actually weigh about the same as I did when I dropped meat and dairy but I lost inches. In a few months I went from size 8 or 10 to a size 6. When I see pictures of before/after it’s more drastic than I ever expected. My boyfriend always tells me I look like a totally different person haha

  15. O.H. said :

    I gained a lot of weight.

  16. Ut It Dang Iu De Xuong ^^ said :

    it depends.
    I lose weight one week after becoming a vegetarian.

  17. The Wild Man said :

    try the Lil Jack excercise video it really works

  18. Michael said :

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