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how do you lose weight fast after binging on junk food?

I just pigged out on fattening food for like a whole week, and I feel like I have gained at least 10 pounds; in less than 1 week i have a date with a really hot guy and I want to look my best. How do I lose the most weight the fastest?

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12 Responses to “how do you lose weight fast after binging on junk food?”

  1. T2THAJ said :

    Just go and purge it out and work out like crazy until you fit into your clothes.

  2. gina_wuz said :

    throw it up

  3. acura_nsx_typer said :

    exercise helps i guess…like cardio..but in a week…ionno…or play aroudn with ur clothing…the eye is easily fooled so u wont look like u gain 10 points…

  4. ohlalaboy29 said :

    i just did the same thing omg well i need help too girl

  5. Evil Willow said :

    Drink a soda ( or other beverage ) before each meal as well as during it …. The more you drink the less hungry you are …. Also dont drink that Suger-free S#!% becouse it doesn’t work …. real and natural suger is better for you in the end then the fake stuff is any day of the week.

  6. Keuford Barthalamue Diaz said :

    It’s never fast w/0 consequence. Atkins will shred you in 6 weeks, but it sounds like you like junk food, so I don’t recomend atkins. YOu will gain twice as fast after. Atkins basically teaches your body how to store energy (as fat.
    Most diets are like this. I would start exercising More first. Then, try to listen to your body. Eating a good breakfast will help you resist late night carb craving. For the up to date information. Go to and use the search engion.

  7. LongMao XD said :

    each day about 8 pm/am go outside round two big big round of running
    it more fun if u can run with ur friends or bf so that u don feel alonely
    it works u know
    and don eat anymore food that will make u fat
    u should keep fit for now
    if u wanna to have more hot boys coming after u

  8. samsmom said :

    lose 5 pounds in 5 seconds..good posture, stand up straight, shoulders back, chest forward and suck in your gut…

  9. rabbit.2006 said :

    Fasting in 5 days, don’t take any food just drink water as much as you like

  10. tracibaby said :

    Don’t throw up like I see someone has told you to. Cut down on the carbs. There’s also this diet drink that you can buy from the store for about 20 dollars. It is called the 48 hour miracle diet. You lose 10 pounds in about 2 days.

  11. elqu74 said :

    Please don’t listen to any of the silly responses you’ve had so far! I am studying nutrition and obesity at uni at the moment and the only way to change your body is by changing what you put in your mouth, exercise like brisk walking or swimming laps for at least half and hour per day will help you to burn off the foods you’ve already eaten. Foods that are high in energy but lack nutritional value such as sugary foods IE: lollies, sweet drinks, cakes, or fried foods and takeaway foods are all nasty foods that you need to stay away from. Veggies are great for you, they fill you up and they give you energy but they contain little or no fat at all. If you loose weight too quickly from a silly method like throwing up or taking laxatives you will put on more weight when you start eating normally again. Quick weight toss makes your muscles go flabby and you can get stretch marks too! Any guy who is taking you out should like your personality anyway, and that’s probably why he’s asked you out in the first place, besides he’s probably far from perfect anyway! Plan what you are going to do to lose weight and take it a step at a time. Patience and will power are your best friends. Take Care, be sensible.

  12. millioncapsules said :

    Honestly, its better you consult a specialist to find out what’s best for you. I really want to help but I don’t think I can give better answers than specialist do. Sorry.

    good luck

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