how do i lose weight fast after baby (5mths ) for photo shoot?

what is the best way to lose weight fast im not talking anorexic but im going for a fashion shoot in 7 weeks and would like to look my best ps had a baby 5 mths ago i want to lose 1-2 stone

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12 Responses to “how do i lose weight fast after baby (5mths ) for photo shoot?”

  1. laura_sahlin said:

    Breast feeding is the quickest way to lose a lot of weight, it flies off.

  2. t3h1 said:

    lots of sex….. let me know if you need help with that.

  3. pig_let_cool said:

    magic knickers!!
    they are great if you cant lose the baby flab!
    they pull in the flab around youre belly and are very comfy !
    u can buy them from most department stores !

  4. Robert said:

    Depends how much you value your health. Dramatic weight loss can be worse to the body than actually being overweight. Can’t the photo shoot be delayed?

  5. My Evil Twin said:


    This is always the answer to any “how do I lose weight” question, no matter what the qualifier may be.

  6. mim1978h said:

    Relax and enjoy your baby.

  7. sen said:

    Bicycle was so good to me…
    oh, and don’t eat meat!

  8. GINA said:

    The quickest way that I’ve found is to combine a low starch/ low sugar diet with weight training(circuit training for optimum/fast results). The key is to shape your body while you drop pounds. Since you can only drop a certain amount of weight safely in the time that you have-at least when your time is up your body will be tone and healthy looking -not flabby from just dropping weight.

  9. huggywell said:

    Google the GI Diet by Rick Gallup…its great, very easy to use and not a fad diet. Exercise every day…;

  10. mysticdancer47 said:

    You can always diet…but I would hate to stop eating what I love to eat! 🙂 Just try to do some exercise If you’re trying to lose the thighs or even tone up the mid section do some sit ups and get to running! When you sweat you are losing pounds sometimes you can even notice the difference right after a good run. I’d suggest running a few miles, get on a treadmill, or even a bike is good. I myself am trying to lose my preggy pounds. I had my baby Aug. 11 of this year and before I got pregnant I was 120 and right before I had her I was 165! Now I’m happy to say I’m 133. I still have a few to lose, but breast feeding, sit-ups, and running seem to be working fine.

  11. 4everToned Fitness said:

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  12. monica.shogreen said:

    It’s true breast feeding will take of the pounds. I lost all 25 pounds I gained within the first month. However, if you haven’t been breastfeeding that means nothing to you. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is with proper nutrition (eating whole, fresh foods; like fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, frozen foods, etc.) and excercise. Eating should be pleasurable and good for you. If you have a problem in this department – make it a lifestyle change. This would benefit both you and your childs future eating habits. It will be easier to take of the pounds, and more importantly keep them off. Check your area for a local nutritional store (most have classes, or dieticians that can help you explore how to eat more healthy). Beware of completely cutting out (ex. carbs) as you’ll need the energy. Also, try to stay stress free, get plenty of rest, and instead of eating 3 large meals (that’s if you do), eat smaller meals with snacks in between (ex. fruits and vegetables) as these can all lead to your body slowing down your metabolism as a defensive response. Your local library should have a few “Mommy and Me” excercise tapes. They are fun to do with your growing infant, help you tone up/excercise, and they are educational. Try taking strolls with your baby – power walk as you do it. You can focus on areas of concern like your buttocks by squeezing as you stride. Put force on the balls of your feet to tighten and strengthen your calves. If you don’t mind joining a gym and would use it – I recommend Shapes. It’s for women and they have child care (already included in the price). I called for myself once. Best wishes! No matter how much you lose – just smile, know you just had a baby and you still look fantastic!


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