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What are some ways I can lose weight fast, but not starve myself and cause myself to gain the weight back?

I have been up and down with my weight and I want a solid ground. I am over the weight I what I want to be, so I am trying to find fast, effiecient ways to lose the weight I want. I want these strategies to help me in the long-term of keeping my weight at a certain number. I also dont want these strategies to backfire on me like others have.

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5 Responses to “What are some ways I can lose weight fast, but not starve myself and cause myself to gain the weight back?”

  1. cedarhannahpumpparty said :

    Well, to have a solid weight, and to not go back up or down, you have to keep in shape. After the day, or whenever in the day, you can plan a time for running, gym, aerobic exercises, etc. But you have to keep it up in order not to change in weight. Though everyone gains or loses a little sometimes. Hey, you cant be perfect. But you can keep in the same few “Pound Ranges”. As long as you dont eat sweets 24/7-which I`m sure and hope you dont-and keep up the exercises, youll have your own solid weight again. Good Luck!

  2. ella5850 said :

    I just went vegetarian and I am surprisingly loosing weight. I have been focusing on packing in protein for so long with minimal results. I feel great and there are some great vegg meals and products out there now. The thing that I noticed though is that when I just loose weight I am still jellow like and not firm so I still look fat. I could be at 140 and muscular and look like 160 at the same weight without muscle. Check out body for life weight program. Consisency is the key, but people don’t want to work hard.

  3. karr1213 said :

    Weight loss is a lifestyle change.

    If you lose weight quickly, your body will go in to starvation mode no matter what your weight is so if you lose weight relatively quickly, your body will hold on to all of the nutrients it does get. So you may lose a couple of pounds but your body will want to hold on to more for a while so you will gain the weight back and then some. That’s just the way it is.

    If you can find a job where there is a lot of physical work involved, that would be very good!

    You need to get your activity level up and keep it there.

    You can not be bringing home so much junk food. It is easier to just walk by that stuff at the store than it is to avoid it when you are at home and the temptation is too much to take.

    Trade the junk food for veggies and fruits. At first it kind of sucks but after a while it can become your happy food.

    Also, being overweight is often tied to emotional baggage. It’s just like consuming too much alcohol. There are emotional issues to work out. Once that is addressed, dealt with and out of the way, losing weight will be easier. Your attatude and body will more easily reflect the beautiful person you know you are. You will be more likely to treat yourself better.

    Bordeom also causes you to eat much. Get out! Walk! Ride your bike when you can. Walk to places instead of driving. I know it depends on where you live as to weather or not you can do that. Some cities in general are way better for that.

    Best of luck to you. :0)

  4. I C said :

    When I was overweight and needed to lose about 30 pounds, I turned to and I lost it in about 4 months. As I was losing the weight I was feeling good in the same time, not sluggish like I used to feel on other programs I’ve been on. And yes, I have been able to keep it off now for the last 3 years and haven’t felt better. They have great weight loss programs and products. If anyone is serious about losing weight, I definitely would recommend their stuff. It worked for me, I’m sure it will work for you as well.

  5. ohfynest said :

    First start with a detoxing of your body by taking a colon cleanse. You’ll be surprised how much “crap” you have lining the walls of your colon. Sometimes it’s between 5-10 lbs! Technically, there’s no magic number of calories we should all eat each day to lose weight. While most people can lose weight eating around 1,500 calories, you can assess your own personal caloric needs with a little math. To estimate how many calories you should consume in order to maintain your weight, you’ll need to do a little math. By using a simple formula called the Harris-Benedict principle, you can assess your basal metabolic rate — also known as your BMR. Your BMR is the amount of energy your body needs to function. We use about 60 percent of the calories we consume each day for basic bodily functions such as breathing. Other factors that influence your BMR are height, weight, age and sex. Step one is to calculate your BMR with the following formula: For women 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years) For men 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in years) Step two: In order to incorporate activity into your daily caloric needs, do the following calculation: If you are sedentary: BMR x 1.2. If you are lightly active: BMR x 1.375. If you are moderately active (You exercise most days a week.): BMR x 1.55. If you are very active (You exercise daily.): BMR x 1.725. If you are extra active (You do hard labor or are in athletic training.): BMR x 1.9. The result of this formula will be the number of calories you can eat every day and maintain the weight you are currently at. In order to lose weight, you’ll need to take in fewer calories than this result. As you lose weight, you can re-calculate the formula to assess your new BMR. In order to lose weight, you must create a calorie deficit. It is easier and healthier to cut back your calorie intake a little bit at a time. Every 3,500 calories is equivalent to one pound. So, if you cut back 500 calories a day, you should lose about one pound per week. That said, if you exercise to burn off 500 calories a day you should lose approximately one pound per week. Do both, and … you get the picture. Ideally, you should do a combination of both, (e.g. cut back 250 calories; burn an extra 250 calories). Your weight loss will vary from week to week and at times you may even gain a little weight — if you’re working out you could be developing muscle, which weighs more than fat. The long-term results are what matters. Then take a look at your diet. Are you eating a lot of grains that have enriched flour? Are you drinking lots of juices and sodas? Are you eating a lot of your meals at fast food places or eating fried food? Those are some questions that you need to ask yourself. Those are bad choices when you are trying to lose weight. Instead of eating carbs with enriched flour (ex. white bread, white potatoes, etc.) eat whole wheat bread & sweet potatoes. These are good carbs that are considered low glycemic. Meaning that it doesn’t cause high spikes in your blood sugar. Then drink only water with lemon, preferably distilled water. The amount of calories that is in a regular 20 oz bottle of soda is between 240-360 calories! That is more calories than what is in a Luna snack bar. A website that is very helpful is it has helpful hints for what you can eat at fast food places & recipes.


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