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today is my first day in stopping smoking how can i stop the cravings?

i dont even know if they are cravings i have the patches and an inhlator but i keep thinking im missing doing something, i normally go for a cig when i m bored what iam supposed to do now. how long will the mental cravings last?

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2 Responses to “today is my first day in stopping smoking how can i stop the cravings?”

  1. finchylp said:

    You are probably missing the part about having something in your mouth. A lot of people tend to gain weight when they quit smoking because they replace the oral fixation with food. Try munching on some low-calorie snacks when you are experiencing cravings or maybe some sort of candy like Jolly Ranchers (something you can suck on for awhile).

  2. inteleyes said:

    When I stopped smoking years ago, I went cold turkey, but had cravings that lasted about a year, if you can wait as long as that you will have it beat.

    Some ways to help stop the cravings, is to drink mint Tea, chew mint gum, perhaps go for a bike ride, or walk, hang with others that are trying to quit. Check on line to see what it would say to help out with cravings. I know mint and juices are of some help, sour fruit drinks, minted, spicy helps change that craving feeling.


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