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How can i ask my friends to stop smoking without them getting mad?

Two of my friends smoke and I just figured it out today. I want to ask them to stop smoking, but I think that they will get mad. They started when they were 4 years old and their older sister tought them their parents already know, but they don’t seem to care. My friend told me where they get their smokes from and I don’t know what to do. Please,someone help me.

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18 Responses to “How can i ask my friends to stop smoking without them getting mad?”

  1. Haley d said :

    well if they r under 17 ask them to plez stop

  2. Liz Straight said :

    Smoking is a hard nut to crack. Unless your friends WANT TO QUIT SMOKING, you might as well be talking to a brick wall. You can’t make anyone do anything unless they want to , no matter how much you care. Good Luck

  3. darkphoenix846 said :

    Stop being a bitch and let them smoke. Their life, not yours.

    I’d get pissed at you too, and i smoke like one cig a month.

  4. Sapient said :

    4 years old? This has to be a joke.

  5. bostonboy said :

    if you could cut off the supply of smokes, if not just joke around saying they shouldnt smoke, then just keep going at them about smoking and maybe you could convince them to stop

    Good Luck

  6. kaosu_kirei said :

    From experience, there really is no way to ask. I mean, you know, maybe there is, and it’s different with everyone, but everytime I ask anyone, especially those closest to me, they get angry.
    I’m not sure why that is. But more than likely, if they’ve been doing it, or even experimenting at that age, there’s no reason to get your hopes up that they will even listen. Sorry.

  7. Kath s said :

    KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. firecracker said :

    they have to want to quit on their own, if they are truly your friends and respect your health and how you feel about it maybe they can try not to smoke around you or step outside..that’s what my husband does…good luck

  9. Isabel said :


  10. Jason B said :

    If they were smoking since the age of 4, call your local protective services. Suggestions is to hint theyll smell bad or teeth discoloring. The serious of this matter, is that your friends could have serious health problems even if they dont realize it. Want to be a friend, tell a HS counselor so they can be the “bad” guy.

  11. benny said :

    If they are any kind of a friend they would take your advise, and not get upset with you.

  12. imsety said :

    Tell them that 2 hand smoke is dangerous.

  13. Tex S said :

    Don’t try. Let them learn for themselves. If you can’t cope with the smoke or smoker, get new friends that don’t smoke.

  14. lexus said :

    tell them how u feel but not agressively becuz theyll take it the wrong way. dnt scare them with cold facts about wat smoking can do 2 it wen yal r hanging out n kinda play around when u tell them not 2 smoke. ex: y yal smoke dem cancer stiks u no they bad 4 yal. or come up wit sumthin else

  15. Vultureman said :

    fire extiguisher

  16. netiele said :

    how old are your friends

    talking to your own parents might help you’ll be surprised what another mums influence can do for one of your friends.

    or even have a chat with one of your teachers at school without mentioning names of course

    or maybe try and get the person where they get there smokes from in trouble if the supply stops hopefully they ll stop

  17. gizmoe said :

    Sounds like your friends are very young its to bad they have started smoking. As a smoker myself I have to tell you its very hard to stop.I even helped to take care of my mother who died from lung cancer due to smoking. So I know what it can do to ones body. My dad tried to stop seventeen times before he stop. He did it cold turkey he is now 93.
    Trust me your friends really don’t enjoy smoking they know they need to stop. And they will when its time.

  18. mandieshaw13 said :

    They probably will get mad, but if you really care about your friends, you will tell them anyway.

    Talk to them about it more than once, tell them that it really bothers you how they are hurting their bodies. Ask them to maybe start smoking one less a week, or just to cut back in some way.

    Also, take some tips from the source below. It says to make sure you don’t speak in a harsh tone, and not to call them out about it in front of everyone.

    Good luck. I’ll be praying for you and your friends.


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