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How can i stop smoking without buying patches gum or pills?

I want to stop smoking bad it started when i was a little younger as just fun and it was the cool thing to do but now since i been goin through so many problems and got this new job and got to deal wit school i started to start smoking just to take away stress as it does ease my pain it is just not the healthy thing to do and i wanna quit any advice?

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6 Responses to “How can i stop smoking without buying patches gum or pills?”

  1. softballkat7 said:

    Will power.

  2. Soccerfreak#5 said:

    i heard there’s a lazer treatment that’s supposed to get rid off smoking habits.

  3. GWYNN E M said:

    Smoking patches will work but nothing will work unless you are determined to quite. Tell someone and quit with their help. Call them when you get the urge. Brush your teeth often, drink a lot of water, take a lot of showers, and go for walks. Change your habits but still be determined.
    I used to smoke but quit this past August. I am fine now and I feel so much better. Watch you weight once you quit. Eat less food and excersize.

    Good luck to you.


  4. mako said:

    Smoking cannot take away your stress, it only take away your money and add pain to your wallet. Everyone know that smoking isn’t good for your health and yet smoke then ask around as to how to quit. Just quit under your own as to how you started it in the first place. Nobody can help you to quit.

  5. [email protected] said:

    So you have decided to stop smoking?

    Then i would strongly suggest – Hypnosis is th best way to help you to quit smoking quickly, easily and inexpensively.

  6. Wilhelmina H said:

    You’ve got to make the decision to stop smoking and stick to it. Start by telling your family and friends that you’re quitting. Get rid of all your cigarettes, too — no point in tempting yourself!

    Two tips that really helped me quit:

    1. Whenever you feel a craving take a deep slow breath. Your body has learned to associate deep breaths with smoking — so often a deep slow breath will help stop a smoking craving.

    2. Take a tube (from a pen or just a pen cap or something) and stick it in your mouth. Puff on it, pick it up and put it down. That helps to keep your hands busy and replaces the oral fixation fo smoking.

    Good luck!


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