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What way is the best to stop smoking for someone who has been doing it for a while?

I want my dad to stop and he does to, but he has tried before, using a patch, but it made him sick and he stopped after like a day or two… Should he have sticked with it or is there a better way? He has been smoking for about 25-30 years.

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8 Responses to “What way is the best to stop smoking for someone who has been doing it for a while?”

  1. Streck said:

    Chantix is a medication that lots of my patients are really happy with. Talk with you provider and see if it is right for you.

  2. daniel c said:

    ive been smoking about 10 years (started at 16) i havent smoked for 3 days now. but the only reason i havent is because i never smoke in the house and i recently fell down and messed my knee and shoulder up. so i just been chillin.
    its weird when you are in pain, you dont care about smokin.
    i am going to visit some friends later and i keep asking myself are you going to smoke tonight?

  3. wayne s said:

    I found that the patch made me itch. I switched to nicotine gum. Every time I get an urge I pop a piece of the orange flavored gum into my mouth and that takes it away. Good luck

  4. wihntr said:

    Chantix Smoked for 16 years and I havent had one in 10 weeks.

  5. chistletoe1 said:

    quit harrassing him.
    His life is his life, his choices are his choices, and you can never
    understand everything he’s been through.
    You’ll both be happier if you do.

  6. xx.FeArFuL.gUrL.xx said:

    my advise for you your dad is to slowly cut down…i kno its hard been there, but it makes it easier. If you also have an accountability partner it is also helpful…this is where you could come in. Good Luck and the simplest advise is just to encourage him to never stop trying until he has quit and accomplished the goal!

  7. yes, it's me! said:

    anything you try, you have to stick with it. my husband quit cold turkey, and hasn’t gone back. i told him that i won’t kiss an ashtray, and we couldn’t date until he quit. the person just needs to have the motivation to quit.

  8. lana s said:

    I smoke too and really wish I could quit, I have tried the patch and the gum, the gum made me sick. My Dr. is very picky what meds. I take because of my illnesses. I am 53 and have been smoking since a young teenager, no one thought anything about it then. Some have went to tobacco or dipping snuff and have quite smoking.
    I don’t think that really help, except for the smell and smoke and second hand for others and they can even do it at school and the teachers don’t know.=====


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