what are the best ways to stop smoking with out using medications?

my mom is trying to stop smoking for at least the 4th time now, and she is having a lot of trouble doing so. she doesnt wasnt to buy anything or use any medication, expencive or not, but she doesnt know what to do. i just want to help her out and want to know how to do so, thanks.

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5 Responses to “what are the best ways to stop smoking with out using medications?”

  1. ilovemyairmanjay said:

    just quit

  2. Jessi said:

    What helped me out I bought a lot of suckers and everytime I had a cig attact I would get one. It just takes time and take it day by day. Good Luck to your mom.

  3. lynda_kal said:

    Like any other addiction, wanting or needing a cigarette is “triggered” – i.e., after a meal, with coffee, before going to bed. A person needs to substitute something else that is healthy during those difficult minutes when the urge is so strong. Taking your Mom for short, brisk walks after dinner or a meal might help, at least in the evening. It worked for me. All types of exercise killed the urges for me and I smoked for 35 years. I wish your Mom the best of luck, as I know how hard it is to quit.

  4. Bakunyƫ said:

    Why the total hate of pills and other helping medication? They EXIST to help you quit because whatever damage you think the pills would do… Smoking is 100X worse for you…

    Either she needs to knuckle down and suffer through withdrawal the hard way or go and get some medical help.

    No other way around it.

  5. Raarr said:

    I just quit 30 days ago now… and after smoking for 10 years I know how tough it can be. There is nothing such as cold turkey in quitting. It has to be gradual withdrawal. Check what strenght cigarettes your mom used to smoke and then ask her to smoke half the strenght and half the amount for a few weeks and then half the strenght and amount again for a few weeks do this until she is smoking 2mg cigarettes and no more then 5 a day. After a while, replace the cigarettes with Nicotine gums and finally try going without cigarettes. It took me 6 weeks, but I’m off cigarettes for good. I used to smoke a pack a day and now I don’t need cigarettes at all.


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