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How do you stop craving marijuana when it’s been over a year since you stopped smoking it?

I know they say it doesn’t form a true addiction, like heroin or other stuff. But since I stopped smoking marijuana over a year ago, I still want the stuff, like I can almost taste it. How do you make that stop?
I stopped because I had NO self-control; I was smoking the good stuff, as one person said, and smoking was all I did. I stopped cold turkey; but still I get these cravings for the stuff.
ima report you…I DID stop hanging around my loser pot smoking friends; now I have NO friends!
livi…most my my former pot-smoking buddies claimed to be Christians. You little cult is NOT the answer to everything.

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19 Responses to “How do you stop craving marijuana when it’s been over a year since you stopped smoking it?”

  1. autyauna said :

    You need to find a hobby and keep your self busy.Also don’t hang out w/ people who do it,or you will be tempted.

  2. Sami Bear said :

    just smoke it! You know you want to. It’s not bad. I heard that they’re saying pot is good for you in some ways. What way I’m not sure.

  3. deltaqueen said :

    Will Power. I have been drug free for almost 5yrs now and believer me, it takes alot of will power!!!

  4. Nancy Kay said :

    I don’t have that strength, and I applaud yours. If it’s anything like my addiction to tobacco, I quit 10 years ago and still crave about it…even dream about it (as recently as last night, there was a pack of Dunhill Menthols in my dream handbag).

    Just embrace the craving for what it is, and realize that you don’t have to act on it, and celebrate the fact that even through you still crave it, you are strong enough to resist! Bless you and keep it going!

  5. curious girl said :

    hehehe its been about the same amount of time for me since i stopped smoking it i was an every day user just get a hobby and smoke occasionally at partys etc

    im pagan too!!!

  6. mandolinatou said :

    Get another hobby. Replace the addiction and stimulation with something healthy…learn to cook enjoyable foods, go running, get great sex, do art really try anything. It may never stop completely but you can move on from it with new hobbies.

  7. garry said :

    you never will stop craving it, so if you dont want to start smoking againg stay away from it. or if you have self control like me you can smoke casually.

  8. Nessa said :

    oOoOoO i get cravings for dope all the time.. if you’re in Canada theres a drink called “HEMP-C” iunno why but it really takes cravings away. it has hemp oils n stuff like that in it. i think thats why

  9. DannyK5 said :

    It’s a deep psychological addiction.

    Try excercise, sports, hobbies, family, charity work.

    Avoid friends who are a temptation.

    Keep a positive attitude.

    And good luck.

  10. curious_chemical said :

    I clicked answer, and laughed to see your black cat staring at me, PEG. Oh yeah, I don’t have an answer, I haven’t stopped. Do you remember doing that OTHER really fun thing you used to do, and still wish you could? Maybe it’s disneyland, or sex. It’s like that.

  11. jim_darwin said :

    Replace it with sex with jim darwin.

  12. hihowrya said :

    You’ve probably formed an entrenched habit for it, and if you can still taste it, no doubt you were smoking the good stuff.

    If you think that you are fully in control, and depending on why you stopped smoking, maybe you should just have a taste, just to get it off of your mind. Not a full blown session, just a taste. If you stopped due to drug testing, or something like that, then that may be too risky.

    But it’s kind of like trying to change eating habits to lose weight, or to stick to a diet. Sometimes to get that thought of chocolate cake from your thoughts, you have to have a piece of chocolate cake. Or like when you’ve quit smoking cigarettes but the craving is overwhelming, you have to smoke one just to keep the notion of not doing it from enslaving you and tormenting you (mentally, that is). Often, when you light up that first cigarette, you find that you don’t even want to finish it.

    You didn’t want to be a slave to the the weed, but if you’ve become afraid of it, then it’s still controlling you.

    You could also try smoking good cigars. That helped me when I was dealing with it. Make sure to smoke something good and flavorful though. (If you don’t smoke cigars, remember that you don’t inhale them, just let the smoke flow through your nose for the flavor. Try Excalibur, good flavor, and fairly mild.)

  13. Dave said :

    I’m guessing you’re not big on N.A. Just a feeling. 🙂

    I’m afraid to say it might be something you deal with for a long time. If you want to stay off it, you might need old fashioned replacement therapy, as has been mentioned by others. Anything from sex to food to reading to walking to… Hell, BOWLING.

    I wish I could be of better help—Best of luck regardless!

  14. ima_report_you said :

    holy crap I saw this question after I answered another, y’know at the bottom they show other questions in the category and i was like “whateva” but then I saw it was your so I thought i should try.
    try hypnosis, or stop haning around your loser pot smoking friends!

  15. ~*Livi*~ said :

    u need to become a christian!

  16. heavy6metal9babe said :

    You are still craving it because you are not ready to put it behind you. For some people if they smoke it again after a long period of time usually don’t like it and that could help with the cravings or it could make it worse. You know you! BTW: What’s wrong with smoking on the weekends or at concerts?

  17. foolishred said :

    For some other people its a real problem, cigs too..sometimes i think its better not to comment on subjects like this…but i say you’ve done pretty well and at least roll with it a little longer to see how you feel without Puff the Magic dragon. Seriously… it all depends on how long youve been smoking it allready, from the perspective of a long term tobaccanist. If you havent been too long and you get a clean bill of health after thorough exam i say its worth preserving.Beer may also work i am told.Hah

  18. Emily M said :

    There’s nothing wrong with smoking pot. Why don’t you ease your cravings by just smoking every once in awhile? It’s not the weed that’s the problem, it’s the fact that you have lost your control to use it in moderation. If you can teach yourself to do that, you will be one happy chick.

  19. Bethany S said :

    Your craving it because you think you do. Its not addictive.
    You want to smoke weed because of what it does to you. I stopped for a year almost two, and I’m back to smoking. Its not because I’m addictive I can stop anythime I choose. I choose not to.


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