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I gave up smoking at the beginning of this year – and I am constantly ill since?

I don’t use patches or gum. Just cold Turkey. So far it has been easy and I haven’t really craved that badly. However I am normally a very well and healthy person and smoking never gave me any ill effects (unless I smoked too much at a party the night before). Since giving up I have had two colds/flu like symptoms in the space of a month. Very congested nose, headaches, sore throat and cough. The last cold I had was 4 years ago. So far I am not pleased with the results and may take up smoking again. Did anyone else have the same symptoms and will it go away?

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10 Responses to “I gave up smoking at the beginning of this year – and I am constantly ill since?”

  1. David B said :

    you are using post hoc reasoning to try and justify smoking again. Just because you’ve had colds since you quit doesnt mean that quitting caused the illnesses. At 6 weeks out you’re over the first hump of addiction, I’d encourage you to continue.

  2. dr s said :

    that is a full give up syndrome, they say it is harder to give up smoking than opiates try diphen hydramin, 5cc every 6h. it will help, and try me as the best answer

  3. religionbreedshate said :

    That’s because your body is going through withdrawal and feeling an artificial need for a poisonous substance (nicotine).

    I encourage you to stick with it and do something else instead of smoking, like have sex, masturbate, drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, anything to keep from smoking.

  4. nickname said :

    great job! I had similar problems after I gave up. I just attributed it to extra stress, and that makes you more suseptible. sp? Seemed to get better after about 4 months.

  5. darlin12009 said :

    keep up the good work.
    they say that whenever you go through a major life change, your immune system seems to take a dive, even if it a good change.
    i retired in dec, and i am never sick either, but have had this damned cold for over 4 weeks..
    tough it out, it will get better
    great job, congratulations…

  6. gaban24 said :

    Hey, hang in there, you made the right decision. Remember, it’s winter, colds are everywhere. You may be pretty healthy, but nobody can escape a cold all the time. Drink lots of orange juice, that will help you out. Good luck.

  7. rjohnson442000 said :

    It’s still going to take a while for your lungs to expel all of the tar that’s been collecting there for a long time. That’s where the bulk of your symptoms are stemming from. Your body thinks it’s fighting off an infection and believe it or not it’s a good thing. Just hang in there and all will be well in another month or so.

  8. ♥Peachy♥™ said :

    I quit in September and have been fine ever since. If quitting was easy (was for me, too), then start up again and see if that fixes it (it probably won’t). If not, then you need to work on your immune system. There’s lots of things you can do for that.

  9. [email protected] a said :

    you are having alergy from smoking and maybe some problems on the lungs and the breathing system you shoul see the doctor for that

  10. byron101540 said :

    The first year that I have up smoking, I make 5 trips to the hosp

    My first since 1961, I felt like crap for about 15 months.

    Get into a rehab program and exercise to help work the stuff out .


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