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I gave up smoking and now have annoying pins and needles what is this?

I gave up 22 days ago, Im still craving for a smoke! I am chewing on the nicorette like a chewer! Sincelast week I have had pins and needles in my lower legs when they are still its worse at night, What is this?
I have looked up nicorette and its not listed as a side effect.

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3 Responses to “I gave up smoking and now have annoying pins and needles what is this?”

  1. ☆LoneStar☆ Brat said :

    Could be normal… do you know how many chemicals are in cigarettes? Maybe it’s a withdrawal from one of those?

    Alot of times pins and needles has to do with circulation… perhaps now that you’re not smoking your circulation is improving. I wouldn’t wory too much. Wait and see if it goes away on it’s own. Are you maybe chewing too much of the nic gum? That stuff can cause problems if you use too much.

    Congratulations on quitting thats awesome!! Keep it up!!

  2. Joshua H said :

    Ask your doctor about the pins and needles — that can be from lots of things but you want to make sure it isn’t anything serious, e.g., that your peripheral circulation hasn’t been impaired by the changes in nicotine dosage.

    Anyway, yeah, it is normal to have some craving still. It will fall off as the months progress. Figure that it’s pretty tolerable after 4 or 5 months, but with the Nicorette it may get tolerable faster since you’re still getting some nicotine. One suggestion, from when I was using the Commit lozenges (which I found easier to use than the Nicorette) — stick carefully to the schedule, because it takes a lot longer for the nicotine to get in your system than when you smoke so if you lag a bit you’ll get cravings and want a cigarette because the nicotine replacement product won’t be fast enough.

    I got to the point with the lozenges BTW where I didn’t want a cigarette, even to the point that it grossed me out. I’d slip sometimes but eventually it stopped happening. It just takes a while.

  3. Steve R said :

    Doubt it’s the giving up smoking causing this. Go see a doctor, you might have a herniated disk.


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