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Am I getting repeated sinus, nasal and chest congestion attacks because I gave up smoking?

I have given up smoking since the onset of 2010. Till 10th of Jan or so everything seemed to be fine. But after that I have been having repeated bouts of nasal congestion, chest congestion etc related to cold. Though my resistance to chilly winds and mild winter as such is very poor, I never had nasal congestion problems. Is this because I have given up smoking?? Please help

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5 Responses to “Am I getting repeated sinus, nasal and chest congestion attacks because I gave up smoking?”

  1. B said :

    Your ability to fight that sort of thing was probably weakened by your smoking, but your bod should slowly repair it’s self over time. It is cold and flu season right now tho.

  2. samuel said :

    it usually happen when you stop smoking..the best way to remove the nasal congestion is to drain it with salt water..or the best is to swim in the sea!!..i had the same when i tried to stop..i used some cough expectorants and as i live near the sea:i went swimming nearly everyday..btw practicing sports like jogging will help a lot also!!..congrats that you finally stop that!

  3. Raju K said :

    Any Bad habbit should not be given up all of a sudden. The body used to have something regularly
    cannot bear this immediate stoppage, so some reactions will occur, that is what happening toyou, you should not worry it about, just take some remedies- and consult doctor to get relief. But do not start again because of this signs. This will become worse. Or you can just follow the slow- giving method, if you cannot bear this. For example if you have smoked 5 cigars a day means, just bring it to 3, then 2 then 1 then 0, then the body will accept.

  4. Katthy said :

    hey,if you dont have a cold,your symtoms are normal,i quit for a week same time as you & my sinuses were super sensative,caughed up alot of stuff i thought i was getting sick, but it went away,its side effects of quitting..dont start.up again to make it go away..your doing a good thing..if it dont go away just see your doc..lota a luck kathy

  5. Tanyah said :

    For the 1st few days after you have said goodbye to cigarettes, the most conspicuous change in the system appears in the form of a dipping blood sugar level. The ostensible symptoms come to happen basically due to the lessening of the total blood sugar amount. Dizziness, concentration lapse and other behavioral changes have been attributed to the sugar related phenomenon. Also, you may experience a sudden hankering for sweet food. The symptoms associated with the going down of blood sugar resemble the lack of oxygen in the system of any and every living being. This means that you have to encounter with a situation where you lack enough oxygen. This prevents the brain from working at its maximum capacity. This is where the symptoms like light-headedness and nausea originate.
    The relation between nicotine and the maintenance of blood sugar may present itself as an anomaly to the uninitiated. Nicotine does not supply the system with sugar, as some people may come to think. It simply excites some specific organs as a result of which the amount of sugar stored in our body is released. This compensates for the low level of oxygen. Consequently, the system can keep functioning normally despite the lessening in the amount of oxygen.


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