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i gave up smoking last year but my anxiety has got worse if i start smoking again will it get better?

i have been suffering with anxiety for nearly 2 years and im 21. i wasn’t to sure what was causing my anxiety so i gave up smoking to see if it was that, i have been smoke free for a year now but my anxiety seems to have got worse since i gave up. would smoking again help my anxiety?

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4 Responses to “i gave up smoking last year but my anxiety has got worse if i start smoking again will it get better?”

  1. qwigoqwaga said :

    Absolutely not. It will be added to because you accomplished something then gave it a way and you would be a failure for doing so.
    Try talking to your doctor. I’m sure they have a much better alternative to relieve the anxiety.

  2. MamD85 said :

    I have heard people say that they smoke because it helps with your anxiety. I will tell you that this is one of the worst ways to cope with anxiety. This is because 1. you are harming your body and 2. you are covering up your anxiety with something negative. Instead of doing something that will harm your body, how about trying something that will benefit it? I would first suggest exercising at least 30 minutes a day. It has been proven to help lower anxiety because of the chemicals your brain produces. Try this for 2 weeks. If you are still feeling anxious I recommend you talk to a counselor who can help you learn effective ways to cope with your anxiety. Some things that may help and that your counselor will have you do include journaling and going for walks. In addition, eating healthy helps a lot too. When you have a lot of sugar and caffeine your body is spiking and then dropping because it is craving sugar, which is why you will feel anxious.

  3. A said :

    From a purely chemical perspective, it would likely help, yes. However, as MamD85 points out, there are other ways to get a similar effect in your brain chemistry, ways that are much healthier than smoking. My advice? Go for a healthier alternative.

  4. Josh said :

    Unfortunately, yes, that’s probably the main reason people smoke. I agree that you should try other options first since smoking is unhealthy. If they don’t work out for you, you might consider doing what I did and using the Commit nicotine lozenges, they have the calming effect of nicotine but they don’t damage your lungs. I was in the same boat as you and that’s what I did, it’s worked very well for me.


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