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How do I influence an 18 year old to stop smoking weed?

It REALLY hurts to see him do it and no matter how much people tell him almost everyday to stop because it can really mess up his brain he won’t listen. He’s really athletic so smoking can really hurt that. Please tell me what I can do to get him to stop.

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16 Responses to “How do I influence an 18 year old to stop smoking weed?”

  1. Nathan said:

    Call the police on him…

  2. Jason C said:

    well… you should’nt… but if you have too:

    kick him out the house if he doesn’t, or send him to re hab.

  3. bill l said:

    make him go to Narcotics annonomous.he probably still wont quit,but its your best shot.

  4. notbad4aninja said:

    Show him one of those videos they make us watch in health class with the people that breathe through holes in their necks and stuff. Errlack. That makes me never want to smoke!

  5. Seamus S said:

    tell him that (and this is true) it lowers your sexual drive, can cause testicular cancer, and in some cases shrinkage, and it make make you sterile

  6. taste2bold said:

    I just believe you can not stop a person no matter what age they are to stop smoking weed. The person would stop smoking only if they are ready not just because you are a concerned person

  7. Maria said:

    Unfortunately, you can’t. It has to be something he wants to do for himself. Just continue to be his friend, but don’t encourage or condone his drug use. If he smokes around you leave. If he does it in your house, tell him to leave. When he starts losing you and other friends due to his nasty, illegal habit, he may start to weigh his priorities.

  8. bugger said:

    show him a picture of someones canserous lungs then say thats what your going to get unless you dont stop!

  9. gully_hotrod said:

    canot give you what you what but all i can say is dont give up on him it will be harde because he will think he is right and you r not

  10. suga_n_spice0090 said:

    Well… if he’s hooked to it, then there is not any very good ways to influence him to stop. If he’s high he’s not going to listen to nobody, no matter what. And plus, weed isn’t the worst drug to be on…. It’s actually the best. people just tell you it’s bad because they’ve never done it. I know a guy who has smoked it for 15 years and he’s in perfect shape. He get’s me 100’s on my test in geometry. So it does not damage what you think it damages. He’s a teenager and he just wants to have fun. He will eventually grow out of it. Look on the bright side AT least it’s not crack 🙂

  11. tomtom said:

    weed isn’t too bad… he’ll stop by himself in a couple years… don’t worry about weed… it might be better for him to smoke weed than cigarettes actually

  12. rebeldixie19 said:

    Sorry to burst your bubble girl,but weed dosen`t actually hurt your brain it actually helps it and it depends on how you react to weed as to whether or not it affects being athletic.There is also different kinds of weed.There are three different kinds;starting with the strongest;its called Hayes,second is;Septiva,and third;Indica.But you also have to remember the brain has a THC inhibitor in it.Your brain decides how marijuanna reacts when you smoke it. If you want him to stop smoking weed buy him some of the nastiest sh it around and tell him to smoke it and force him to inhale every time.And then ask him how he feels.I bet he`ll feel like sh it!

  13. dragonlady said:

    Making it sound worse than it is isn’t going to help you. Plying him with the reason that it will hurt his athletic performance because it’s “smoking” isn’t going to make him stop because he probably knows that’s bull.
    People who smoke pot don’t inhale enough smoke to cause lung damage-because the amount of smoke is less than cigarettes, and a joint does not contain the same carcinogens that cigarettes do, like tar, etc. He probably feels like you are just nagging. No one has EVER died from smoking pot. It isn’t a gateway drug, it doesn’t make you crazy or some kind of junkie, it doesn’t cause lung cancer, it’s not unhealthy, and you can smoke it and still have a normal and productive functioning lifestyle.
    There is only one downfall to marijuana-and that is the fact that it’s illegal. I for one don’t agree with that particular law, and think alcohol is much worse. But if you want to give him a real, legitimate reason to quit, then express your concerns about that aspect of it. If he’s an athlete, then there is a distinct possibility that he will be drug tested and not be able to play sports anymore. He could get caught buying or possessing it, and do jail time and/or have to pay fines and do community service and be on probation. Even minor offenses can be serious trouble in certain states-a real bummer that throws a wrench in a normal 18 year olds party plans, not to mention a criminal record that sticks with you.
    Do a little research on the consequences of being caught with marijuana where you live, and talk to him about that. Make him think about what could REALLY happen-don’t just repeat what people who know NOTHING about pot have to say. The old 1950’s “pot makes you crazy” movie lines and myths aren’t going to work on someone who already knows better! In the end, he’s of legal age and a man-and you can’t make him stop if he doesn’t want to. All you can do is shoot straight, lay reality on the table, and hope that he values his freedom, money, and privilege to play sports enough to decide to quit on his own.

  14. LittleBarb said:

    He’s 18 and if you SAY anything to him or have him arrested or anything like that, he PROBABLY won’t speak to you ever again…. I have an older brother who, in 1969 came home from college with hair to his EARS and our father kicked him out of the house because he REFUSED to get it cut in the BRUSH CUT my father approved of…. My father died in 1994 and my older brother didn’t go to the funeral and did not speak ONE WORD to him again in 25 YEARS… and this was just over a HAIRCUT!!!! (men can be stubborn)… Along that line,… your son will NOT quit pot until it gets too expensive for him … some people even smoke it into their 30’s and 40’s and sacrafice other things just to be able to afford the pot. It’s really too bad these kids can’t take a FIELD TRIP to their local teaching hospital and go to the cadavor labs and see exactly what the affects of pot and other drugs (INCLUDING CIGARETTES) can do to the human body….. Maybe you can call some drug councellors and see if they might have photos of distroyed braincells and distroyed livers and kidneys and hearts and lungs that drugs have destroyed… I’ve been on my son’s back since HE was 18 as well—he’s 29 now and a martial arts EXPERT (4th degree black belt) he smokes a LOT les when he’s in training (thankfully—and he’s in training NOW), …..sometimes, these kids have to learn lessons all by themselves…..but, if he is living under YOUR roof, PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN gently—like NO car for a while ESPECIALLY if he’s been DRIVING stoned…but like I said, you have to be careful or you could lose him FOREVER…just like my father and brother…My son is a good person OTHER then his pot smoking —but bugging him to STOP could push him further into it….

  15. Wayward Drifter said:

    It may hurt you, but it don’t hurt him. Mind your own business, and leave him alone. If he was on the crack pipe, or slamming dope, I could sympathize w/ you and empathize w/ him, but he’s doin’ just fine, and you are being downright hysterical. get a grip. ask him for a hit and you’ll feel a lot better, and I am not being sarcastic, I am dead serious.

  16. Will Jones said:

    Subtlety is the best approach! Try the gift of a book that has the potential to persuade him to stop smoking marijuana!


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