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How long do you have to stop smoking weed before you can pass a dip strip test?

My mom gave me a drug test last year and I’m not sure but i think it was a cannabis dip strip test. I’m almost positive she is going to give me another one. I stopped smoking about 2 weeks ago and I need to know if I will pass.
so if i stopped on april 3 i think and i had to take a test on april 21 (after 4/20 damnt!!) and ive been drinking a lot of water and working out every once in awhile you think i will pass or fail?

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15 Responses to “How long do you have to stop smoking weed before you can pass a dip strip test?”

  1. Mikey said :

    Depends, what if they pull a hair sample too to test? Then your butt will be sorry

  2. lalalareallynutz said :

    Takes approx 4 weeks for thc to be out of your system.

  3. SAD IN N.M. said :

    NO,It takes 30 days for it to get out your system.

  4. Mr. November said :

    your busted….. go back to school buddy…

  5. gi_jane_kicks_ass said :

    nope, at least a month

  6. john said :

    i can give ur best advice about stop smoking used the Medicine more informatin about Medicine

  7. FYIIM1KO said :

    It’s a good 30 days pal, the best advice I can give you is drink plenty of water and if you have any excess to a sauna room,and or jacuzzi(both would be great) get yourself in there,also drink as much water as you can stomach and exercise as much as you can (running swimming jogging) I know this works for meth and coke I’m assuming it will work for pot.If it doesn’t you will feel great.I don’t know how old you are but it is to bad moms going about things this way,shes only gonna make matters worse and she doesn’t even know it.Lets get her to an AL anon meeting,shall we?Look up the info on Al anon on your computer and print it out for her.Do yourself and everyone else a favor who has a control freak in their life who wants to drug test them.Hey I’m, clean I just think this is the wrong way to go about this kind of thing.

  8. Kya k said :


  9. mr X said :

    chances are that u will pass
    PS:where the HELL does everyone get the pot from anyway?

  10. man_that_heals66 said :

    As a physician who has a business interpreting drug tests for local businesses (mostly DOT mandated tests for the transportation industry) and having taking the extra training needed to interpret these tests, let me assure you that it is not true that THC takes 30 days to be eliminated from your system. I think everyone believes that because some early studies in the 70 s indicated that it took a MAXIMUM of 30 days in CHRONIC, LONG TERM smokers that had a LOT of body fat .THC is fat soluble, the more body fat you fave the more THC is absorbed into the body fat and it releases over time. Other factors also contribute, such as how potent the drug (THC content) how many times you smoked the drug, how much water you drink AND what the cutoff levels of the drugtest are. DOT tests have a cutoff that is set relatively high 50 ng/dl
    . But on the average, one average potency joint in an average,(not overweight) person may cause a positive drug test for as long as 14 or as little a 3 days. Certainly drinking a lot of fluids can flush that amount out sooner. There has never been any evidence that any of the reported “cleansers” do anything at all to effect a drug test. They are a waste of money.
    But why play that kind of lottery?? Just dont smoke the stuff


  11. johndoe said :

    i dont know what a dip strip test is

    but if its a piss test then water will work i know what ur thinking its noly a myth but its not you have to drink untill u throw up then drink a halg gallon of cranberry juice

    hair test idk cut off hair

    mouth test i have no clue this is the only one i evr took but what i did was bite on it and suck all the spit out of my mouth untill he said stop but it worked i only quit smoking for like 2 weeks b4

    o yea the water thing only works for like 7 hours out your system

  12. sureno bangin blue rag hangin said :

    it stays in your urine for around a month drink a pint or two of viniger that should clean out your system.

  13. bibibond_rulesall said :

    The best solution to your problem:
    it does no good

  14. emt_me911 said :

    It can take 30-60 days for THC to disappear from your system. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. Suck it up and admit it. You’re stuck.

    Next time, maybe you’ll think twice about using drugs.

  15. Ryan said :

    It actually takes a maximum of 3 years for all traces of THC to be cleared from your hair but the Army only do urine tests so I would give it atleast a month just to be safe 😉


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