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How long before I join The Army Should i Stop Smoking.?

I am planning on joining the Army but i was an Avid Marijuana smoker. I have stopped recently but I wanted to see if anyone knew how long should i stop smoking before i enlist? And what type of drug test is given?

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7 Responses to “How long before I join The Army Should i Stop Smoking.?”

  1. lisab said :

    At least 30 days to clean your system. The do a piss test and they will watch you give a sample. If you can’t stop using drugs don’t attempt to come in the military they do piss test randomly at any time.

  2. Daze said :

    A minimum of 30 days… 45 to be safe.

    And as the other poster said.. they do random tests all the time, so be careful once your in too.

  3. blank said :

    It takes 30 days to clean your system fully.I would stop smoking.They usually do a urine test.They do random tests as well.Just like the first person said.

  4. Arthur Dent said :

    well i once asked my friend’s recruiter what kind of drug test was given, he said it was only a piss test, now my druggie friends tell me that the limits on that test are about a week for the drugs to clean out of your system and not show on your test, however it is advisable that you quit well in advance to enlisting as to avoid all risky situations with something showing on your test, better to be safe than sorry

  5. •^v^–[ I Love Navy ♥.•*´`*]–^v^• said :

    from now on

  6. logan_clarke said :

    30 days it should pass through your system, I would do a little more just to be safe. They do a standard drug test for THC (marijuana), cocaine, methamphetamines, and opiates. I took mine when I went to MEPS. However I also took one at the recruiting station, which I haven’t heard of many people doing LOL they must of wondered about me….

    Really best thing is to wait 30 days, 45 to be safe OR if you don’t have the time drink a lot of water and excersize.

  7. seifer93 said :

    If they do a hair test, then they can track your drug habits back as far as 90 days. If they do any other tests than I would wait about a month.


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