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How do u stop someone u deeply care bout from smoking weed?

i have this friend and he feels more like a bro! Because i have know him 4 a while and he is always there 4 me! so i want 2 be there 4 him! So im confused do i just let him smoke weed or tell him 2 stop! But how would convince him 2 stop smoking?

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3 Responses to “How do u stop someone u deeply care bout from smoking weed?”

  1. Daisy said :

    1) You don’t need everything to be an exclamation.
    2) Numbers are not a substitute for words. Unless you’re Prince.
    3) There’s nothing wrong with weed.

  2. Bunny said :

    Unless he’s smoking nonstop to avoid life’s problems it’s fine. If he’s smoking all day and has no social life, if ignoring responsibilities (Job,kids, etc.) or if he is seriously depressed than he needs help. If he’s only doing it occasionally for fun, he has no problem. Let him do what he wants to do. He has make his own choices. Don’t nag him about it, just don’t talk about it, if he starts to do it in front of you, leave. He might get the hint and learn to respect you enough to not do it with you around.

  3. Jordan said :

    Do you even know why marijuana became illegal?Look it up sometime. Theres nothing wrong with it, there are only anti-drug campaigns against it BECAUSE its illegal. Its not addictive, it doesnt do as much harm as cigarettes and definately not as much harm as alcohol. Its NOTHING like what you are taught in school, it wont make you shoot yourself in the head or melt into the couch, it wont even make you lifeless like the commercials always say. Did you know cannibis was the most widely used plant in history, the diesel engine was designed to run on hemp oil! The only question is why is it illegal? Seriously, go google it or something. And to answer your question, yes, you should let him smoke pot, its not going to ruin his life (unless he gets caught over in asia where they give life sentences for things like that)


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