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How do you get someone to stop smoking?

My sister has recently taken up smoking within this past year and I have been trying to make her realize how much of a horrible habit it is. I have said everything I can from my knowledge but she still continues. What is something I can say to get her to stop smoking and so she can see it is not healthy. Thank you!

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7 Responses to “How do you get someone to stop smoking?”

  1. midniqhtblue said :

    Take her to the doctor to get an x-ray of her lungs. She’ll get to see the damage that has already happened in her own body.

  2. BloodyPleasure said :

    I don’t think there’s anything you can really do, my mum smokes, has done for years and years, she’s tried stopping, but it’s really hard and she tells me adverts on tv for help with stopping smoking just make her want a cigarette! I would say you could pick up some leaflets from a doctor or somewhere and leave them out in the living room or somewhere else obvious and just let her know you’re worried about her

  3. IDKthat said :

    What worked for a friend of mine was seeing his Grandma remove her ‘iron lung’ from her throat to hit a cigarette through the hole in her neck.

    This link is to some pics of lung damage.;_ylt=A0WTb_z1f3RIOXoBILOJzbkF?p=lung+cancer+&y=Search&fr=ks-ans&ei=utf-8&js=1&x=wrt

    It’s good you want to help your sister, but remember you can’t really make someone do something. Somehow she’s got it in her head that it’s cool, maybe you can ask someone you know she respects to talk to her.

    This link is to articles about the damages cigarettes can cause.;_ylt=A0WTb_4FgXRIRm4BhGiJzbkF?ei=UTF-8&p=cigarettes%20kill&js=1&ni=21&y=Search&fr2=tab-img&fr=sfp

    Good Luck

  4. [email protected] said :

    I was having a medical and along came the question…
    Do you smoke? No.
    Have you ever smoked? Yes
    How long since you gave up? About thirty years.
    The doc wrote down… smoker! Makes you think………..

  5. Joshua H said :

    She’s made her choice. If she didn’t want to be smoking, she would either have stopped or would want to quit.

  6. ndc122j said :
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