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How do I get someone to stop smoking?

How can I tell someone to stop smoking? She knows all the facts (it gives you cancer, emphysema, etc.), but she is young, so she still has that invincible mentality. What can I tell her about smoking’s cosmetic effects that will make her consider quitting? (besides the usual stains your teeth and your hands)

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3 Responses to “How do I get someone to stop smoking?”

  1. Josh said :

    The stuff about cosmetic effects works on some kids who don’t actually smoke, but smokers know that it’s exaggerated. Your friend is going to have to come to this decision herself.

  2. Lisa said :

    Show your concern and never stop trying to stop her smoke. In the long run, she’ll realize that you are right.

    Try to offer her some alternatives instead that will help her stop smoking like Nicocure. It is an all-natural herbal based product, having the ability to make you quit smoking much quicker than any other “quit smoking aid” we know of.

  3. Focused Hypnosis Sheffield said :

    You cant MAKE someone stop smoking if they don’t want to. If she knows all the facts about what smoking can do to you then she is definitely addicted. The most effective way of stopping smoking is through multiple sessions of hypnotherapy. This process deals with the physical aspects of the addiction and the psychological aspects. Most stop smoking techniques don’t tackle the psychology which is why they are so ineffective. Willpower alone is about 4% successful, nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum etc) are about 5% successful, multi session hypnotherapy can be up to 85% successful.
    Hypnotherapy is only worth doing if your friend really wants to stop, its pointless doing it if she doesn’t want to stop.


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