How to you get someone to stop smoking when they always smoking?

my dad is always smoking what should i do to get him to stop smoking should i hide his cigerates?

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18 Responses to “How to you get someone to stop smoking when they always smoking?”

  1. SXXY M&M said:

    tell him you love him and you want him to be around for a long time and unless he is ready he wont quit

  2. Nick G said:

    Sadly, you can’t do anything,

    its all up to their will-power

  3. Jordan H said:

    You should let him know that you are worried. worked for me.

  4. kushpeefer said:

    dont be so lame…he’s a fucking man he dont need you telling him what to do.

  5. viciousxromantic said:

    i would say hide his ciggs
    my mom did that to her parents when she was little and they stopped smoking

  6. Nicole said:

    have a talk. butter him up. like, say, “dad, I care about you and I rly hate it when u smoke. plz stop 🙁 “

  7. thisgirlrocks09 said:

    bury them, lol, make ur mom buy that gum so ppl would stop smoking and tell ur dad its just ordinary gum

  8. Alphonzo said:

    you should burn it or bury it

  9. chrissy w said:

    dont hide his cigerettes !! he’ll just get mad or go and buy some more. maybe you could fake having a really bad cough or something?? and say its because of your smoking? just tell him the damage it causes to you and say do it for me. i tried to make my mom quit, she didnt if he doesnt want to quit the likelyness that he will are nil,

  10. r3trogurl said:

    there are telephone quitlines that you can call and they’ll help him,or Use a nicotine replacement ,like sunflower seeds,gum,and tell him how you feel about it and you are concerned

  11. packerfan said:

    Well ..hiding them may make your father angry. People have to really want to quit smoking in order to do so. People kept telling me how bad it was (sure i already knew that) but you know i did quit WHEN I was ready. you can try talking to him and let him know of ways that would help, but like i the long run it will be his choice.

  12. caffine jag said:

    Stop nagging!

    I used to nag my mother all the time to stop smoking, it wasn’t until she moved away that she finally stopped smoking.

    Hmmmm, maybe I was getting on her nerves????

  13. solace0626 said:

    you can’t…
    its an one can help/stop him from smoking except himself.

    my dad is the same..he’s been smoking for a long time…and it doesn’t matter what my siblings and I say or what my mom say, or even if a close family friend dies from Lung cancer….no thing and no one gets through to his addiction.. i firmly believe that if there was a choice between my family and cigarettes, my dad would choose cigarettes… sad but true.

    if he wants to quit, then he has to do it on his own free will (with your support) but if he doesn’t, then there’s really nothing we can do

  14. ireshannon said:

    You can’t stop someone from smoking. It is something they have to decide on their own. It takes a lot of will power and you have to have your mind set to it. They have to do it for themselves and not anyone else. The best thing you could do is support him if he decides to quit. I went to the Doctor to see what it takes to quit and he told me I would have to be away from all cigarettes, smokers and ash trays for at least 10 days (if it was cold turkey). The patch really worked for me sister, but it was still really hard for her. She just wanted to quit soooo bad that she made it through. Cigarettes are just as addicting as heroin.

  15. kuz said:

    show him clear research on smoking damage then methods of quitting.
    he needs to make up his own mind
    some don’t quit till they go on oxygen

  16. chdc35 said:

    no matter what you do or say he won’t stop until he wants to. if he doesn’t do it for himself then it won’t work.

  17. Sunflowergirl said:

    There is nothing you can do to get anyone who smokes to up and stop smoking. I have a health sciences background and people would actuallly try to “educate” me on the health risks of smoking?! Like most smokers I was very aware of the health risks, and all the reasons to quit, and yet I continued to smoke for a good 10 years.
    I finally quit smoking cold turkey on my own. While I was a smoker many people around me tried to nag me, and make me feel bad for it and that never made me quit smoking, it just made me an annoyed smoker. Doing things like nagging or giving health lectures or hiding his cigs will only annoy him.
    Smoking and quitting are a choice and if your dad doesn’t want to quit then respect his choice.

  18. ProudMomof3 said:

    Don’t hide them. If you do, you could make him really angry, and set him off. Then you don’t know what will happen to his body. Is that what you want?
    You can’t force someone to quit, he has to want to. If he doesn’t, oh well. You do deal with it. It’s his life. He can do as pleases with it. Just like you can do with yours once you are an adult, if you’re not there already. Sorry to disappoint you.


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