How do you tell someone to stop smoking pot rudely easy to points?

how do you tell someone to stop smoking pot in a mean way ?
that will upset them.

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27 Responses to “How do you tell someone to stop smoking pot rudely easy to points?”

  1. r u a can-o-beef said:

    “Stop smoking pot you meanie face!”

  2. :) ☮ 420 <3 said:

    You don’t. Let whoever it is live their life. Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean you have a right to be an @ss about it.

  3. Matt said:

    Give up the drugs you junkie scum bag

  4. Bridget Jones said:

    call the cops on their asses

  5. i love youux3 said:

    Well, you shouldn’t be making them try, honestly.
    If you must, try and explain to them WHY you want them to stop, then let them make their decision.

    Try and force them and they will hide it from you.

  6. (_)(-)(_) 30H!3 said:

    its impossible to upset a pothead

  7. Nicole said:

    Your gonna kill your self jackass so stop its just like killing your self thats what you should say.

  8. Andy S said:

    you would need alchol, then u poor it on him and abuse him to stop smoking pot and blackmail him with a lighter. or u can just take it away from him and sell it for a cheaper price then how much he got it

  9. Cea said:


  10. Ben said:


  11. Logan said:

    thats not very nice.

    buttttt just tell them that you wont talk to them anymore or say how much of a fuck up they are for smoking weed and all that other stuff that isnt true

  12. DON'T EAT ME! said:

    “Keep smoking pot and your retarded illegitament kids are going to be REAL fun to take care of!”

  13. T said:

    “bro let me hit that bud” take and run like hell…..

  14. Metalhead499 said:

    Your an ass,if you weren’t so missinformed you’d see that weed is less harmful then alcohol which pretty much destroys your liver.

  15. Trip333ie said:

    So i’m guessing this person doesn’t pass the dooby or they’re not that awsome to smoke with. Just don’t blaze with that person and be like chill dude don’t bogart that sht D;

    Do you mean you want to tell that person that he shouldnt smoke weed at all and you want to say it in a mean way?
    Or the person smokes weed and he’s really mean about smoking the weed?

  16. ello! said:

    you need to stop smoking you effing pothead….i have noticed you becoming dumber every day.

  17. jjc927 said:

    Tell them you’ll nark him if he doesn’t stop or that you won’t be his friend anymore.

  18. Efie said:

    show them a picture/video of an addict. Compare them to the addict in the picture/video

  19. DJNOCTURNAL said:

    show them statistics on long term usage: Schizophrenia and Depression by long term users. this will scare him/her and will put them off it.

  20. unknown said:

    say your a fuckin n00b your killing yourself, you have no friends, you will die early and u smell like shit. you have 0% chance of ever getting a (girlfriend/ boyfriend). If i were you i would just quit life. I hope you know that your life will end before you turn 35. n00b.

  21. ߣߣ said:

    “Why don’t you go smoke in a dumpster surrounded by 15 feet boogers and sluts that are probably related to your inferior soul, and throw that little pollution plant into space where it can explode and become nothing like your life!”
    Does that work?

  22. louis said:

    To rudely tell someone to not do something anymore will not accomplish any result on your part.
    If the goal is sincere find another way that will “touch” that person. In the end it is the other person’s decision anyway. Period.

  23. sketchist said:

    you shouldnt! pot smokin is AMAZING! haha i smoke with almost all my friends…even there parents sometimes…. hey, at leatse they aint doin otha drugs pot is the most natural…its even legal in some states! just try it once……

  24. paganC said:

    You fu*king stoner douche, f**king f**ck your family and stop smoking pot you noob or enjoy the loss of your short term memory.

  25. longgal said:

    Why would you want to be mean or rude? Pot is not good for any one but telling someone to stop in a rude or mean manner is just not going to do anything, it’s just going to make them made. You need to be supportive and try to help them kick their addiction. Tell them what pot does to the body, if you don’t know google it. remember you get more flies with honey than vinegar.

  26. Bob The Builder said:

    you are a fucking idiot smoking you dumbass cunt

  27. Kar-Bear said:

    Call the cops on them that aught to do it! Otherwise say ‘Hey potface, give up the f*****g dope or frickin waste ur money on a damn plant! It’s ur life not mine if u choose to kill urself thats fine with me!’


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