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What is the best way to convince someone to stop smoking?

well my sister smokes(like a chimney!)and i love her dearly i would just die if anything happened to her(no joke)so i know smoking is really bad for you and stuff because it damages your lungs and so,but she just won’t listen to me what can i do/say to convince her to stop smoking?!?!

thanks in advance and happy new year!

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7 Responses to “What is the best way to convince someone to stop smoking?”

  1. MAtt said :

    if you are serious about this

    Take her to see some xrays of a smokers lung compared to a non smokers lung

    arrange to take her to a hospital to see people with lung cancer and other things asociated with smoking.

    in the source i’ll link some pics of a smokers lung

  2. Danielle said :

    Well if you tell her that smoking ruins her lungs, she won’t want to listen because that’s SO typical and she’ll feel like she’s being lectured instead of being saved.

    INSTEAD, I would go a little deeper and lay the “smoking kills” on REALLY thick, explain that you’re going to be crushed WHEN she dies, so she knows that unless she stops, she will die.

    I know it sounds harsh but she really needs to know this

  3. 69 eyes said :
  4. casdave2001 said :

    I’m afraid it’s going to take an act of congress to get her to stop. She won’t stop until she wants to do it. If you want to help her stop tell her to act like a nonsmoker for a day. just one day of not carrying around her cigarettes. Take her shopping or any activity she likes to do. Just do it without smoking. Eventually she will see that life without cigarettes is ok and even enjoyable.
    God bless you and your sister.

  5. cats3to2 said :

    Both my in laws were 4 packs a day smokers. I couldn’t go in their house for 5 minutes without coughing violently.

    When my mother in law finally was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (stage 4 means no hope left in terms of cancer) while she went through treatment to try to extend her life, my father in law quit so she wouldn’t be exposed to more smoke. But when she died in short time, he went right back to smoking at the same rate.

    All smokers die a smoking death. Make sure you share this with your sister.

    One of my neighbors died in his 70’s and had known him to be healthy and robust and always cheerful. When I consoled his widow I asked if he had been sick and sure enough he had lung cancer. I was rather shocked since I had known them a long time and never known either to smoke so I asked how he got that. She said they both used to smoke and stopped in the early 70’s as soon as it came out that smoking could kill you, but it was too late for him and 30 years later his cancer from it finally developed and he died.

    So all that nonsense about for every 10 years you haven’t smoked your risk of a smoking death going down decreases is nonsense. Your sister is PLANNING her death and I would treat it as seriously as her writing a suicide note.

    And do not ever go around her when she’s smoking because the effects to you are just as serious.

  6. Joshua H said :

    Nothing much, unfortunately. She’ll have to want to stop before she will.

  7. Emily said :

    I think of several ways…

    1.) Cancer. It’s really not fun to go through chemotherapy, hospital visits, constant chest pain, the whole goody bag.
    2.) She’s breathing in a multitude of chemicals she would NEVER dream of eating: Carbon monoxide, lead, insecticides and even radioactive chemicals are pumped through her body every time she lights a cigarette.
    3.) Bad Breath. No one will want to be subjected to this, especially the person who’s supposed to kiss her.
    4.) Yellow Teeth. The stains are worse than coffee.
    5.) Yellow Fingers. Holding the cigarettes stains your skin.
    6.) Scratchy voice. Not attractive. Keep it up and she’ll have no voice box at all.
    7.) It’s a huge financial strain. Cigarettes are expensive and the economy sucks. All the money she saves by quitting could go for necessities, like food or her children’s college tuition.

    There’s so many more reasons and these are just a few. Remember to be there for her and implore her that you really, really want her to quit. SmokeDeter is also a good system to help quitting smoking. Give her confidence that she’ll be able to.


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