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How should I tell someone to stop smoking ?

I am really close to the person in my family, who is smoking and she is about 36. I am worried because she has been smoking since she was about 19 or 20. I am worried she will get Lung Cancer or Emphysema but she is stubborn and doesn’t listen. I don’t know how to convince her to stop smoking because i don’t want he to pass away when i’ at a young age . Plus she smokes about 6-7 a day. How should i tell her ?

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7 Responses to “How should I tell someone to stop smoking ?”

  1. lalo_56 said :

    You have to stop smoking.

  2. spit wad patty said :

    Suddley hint it to them with a connect the dots puzzle.

  3. ckc said :

    Point a gun to there head and make them stop simple as pie.

  4. Brooke said :

    You can tell her and tell her to quit smoking but the oinly thing thats going to do is make her angry at you for telling her what to do. She will stop when she wants to stop. Some people LIKE smoking, regartdless what it does to their health. Smoking is a personal decision and we cant get people to quit until it is banned and deemed toxic from our gvmtYou should talk to her, ask her how she feels about the health risks of smoking. By finding out why she smokes may help you accept her decision to smoke.

  5. Youssef Youssef said :

    when she is smocking take the cigarett from her hand and take a drag then blow it in a white tissue and she will see how much dirt she is putting in her lang by just one drug .
    good luck

  6. SlanIs said :

    To be honest, Michael
    there is not much you can do about it
    ultimately it is up to the person, and you can give as much love as you want, but in time she will realise that life has more to offer her then a pack of devil sticks

  7. Lilianna Lee said :


    I was able to kick the habit once I got pregnant with my first son. For me the thought of my child being healthy was enough to make me quit.

    My husband decided to quit with me and had a much tougher time until he discovered the ‘Quit Smoking Today’ program. He found that the system was easy to use and that the NLP technology really helped him overcome the addiction.


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