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Please tell me- Should i quit smoking First or start exercising and dieting first?

Please serious answers only. I am a very overweight heavy smoker. I want to completely turn my unhealthy lifestyle around. My problem is, since i am so overweight, it would be horrible for me to gain any more weight as a result of stopping smoking, but on the other hand i really really want to stop smoking. Please help!

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8 Responses to “Please tell me- Should i quit smoking First or start exercising and dieting first?”

  1. Crafty said :

    Quit smoking first

  2. Paul said :

    Quit smoking whatever you do. If you have the willpower to quit smoking you should be able to go on a diet and lose some weight. But the smoking is the most dangerous thing you can do. good luck.

  3. chris said :

    if you want to lose weight i’d diet and excersize first but in terms of overall health like immune system, cardiac, and respiratory strength i’d quit smoking. and why not both at once?

  4. Just Wondering said :

    Quit smoking and start exercising. The exercise will help you experience the benefits and motivate you to stop. Good Luck!

  5. Riack said :

    Quit smoking your lungs cant take it when you work out and smoke

  6. john r said :

    by all means quit smoking.. we have a saying the “weight can wait”

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  7. Steven said :

    Exercising will be a lot easier when you are smoke-free. That said, it would probably be better to perform a radical transformation and do all of the above at the same time.

  8. Malinda said :

    Sounds like you an I are in the same boat. I smoke (30 years) and I need to lose weight. I also have the fear of gaining even more weight when I quit smoking. I can’t tell you what to do, because I haven’t done it yet, but I will tell you what I am going to do…
    Both at the same time. This may seem like a lot to tackle all at once, but that’s always been my excuse not to start either.
    I know that many end up using food to take the place of cigarettes. So maybe we can turn this bad habit into a good thing. I plan to keep lots of fresh fruits and vegetables around to snack on. The idea is, instead of a cigarette, I will reach for an apple or some carrot sticks. That way I still get the hand to mouth motion that we are so used to. I hope that this will help to change my unhealthy eating habits as well. Instead of cookies and chips, grab the fruits and veggies. Also, in the place of smoking, when I get that craving, I am going to try to hop up an do some quick exercises. It will be hard to smoke if you’re chowing down on healthy snacks or doing jumping jacks (or whatever exercise you are physically capable to doing. even a little is better than nothing at all). When your heart and lungs are getting a workout and you’re doing all that heavy breathing, you won’t want to fill em up with smoke. The healthy snacks and exercise won’t only be good for losing weight and getting healthy, but it should help keep you busy to take your mind off of the cigarettes.
    So, just my opinion, do it at the same time. You might want to start slow on the cardio until your heart and lungs get used being challenged. But if you have no problems with them now, it shouldn’t hurt you. (If you haven’t been checked, you might want to talk to your doctor about doing a stress test and ekg just to make sure you’re healthy) It will be good for you to work them to your limit. In the beginning, you will probably cough a lot. Don’t let that scare you. (I think all smokers go through that in the beginning) It’s your lungs trying to clean themselves out.
    Sorry this ended up being so long. I don’t even know if this was the kind of answer that you were looking for, but I hope it helps. I know this sounds a whole lot easier than it will actually be. But I know that I can do it if I really try. So can you.
    I don’t think that I will ever be truly happy until I do this for myself.
    Good Luck To You!


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