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What ia the best way to stop smoking weed forever?

And please dont respond with”you just stop smoking.”
it is not that easy.

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9 Responses to “What ia the best way to stop smoking weed forever?”

  1. Dancer92 said:

    Try some natrual herbs. Get a new hobby, get your mind of of it, dont hang around bad influences!

  2. jessica aka skitzo said:


  3. bake said:

    start shootin’ h

  4. armedtermite said:

    well, what happened to me is i got expelled from school for smoking it, and my parents drug test me randomly in order for me to go to my new school, or they will move me into a military school. i thus have no choice. that really helps.
    what i have found difficult is being around my friends who smoke quite a lot. smoking cigarettes while they smoke sometimes helps, although it is bad for your health etc etc.
    you could get help at a clinic. you dont necessarily have to check in for a month or anything, just talk to someone.
    carry around sh*tloads of chewing gum.

  5. Al W said:

    Try not to be around other people that are doing it. It is to tempting if you are around it. If you do not do it for a while you will not know why you ever did. You have to stay committed to not smoking it.

  6. bronzediva said:

    The thing is, it is that easy. That is how I stopped smoking cigarettes and weed. You have to find a reason to stop. I wanted to see my daughter grow up. Of course for the first year, you might have to give up everything you associate with smoking. (Ha ha, even the one you have after sex.)

  7. Ganja Girl said:

    well I would say if you want to stop smoking there’s probably a reason, if it’s a strong one, try to focus on that. I quit becasue I joined the military a few months ago, it wasn’t easy though as I smoked alot and had a few other nasy habbits to kick. What I had to to was remove myself from some of my normal activities and friends for a little while, I found that my friends made it harder than it really was to quit. I also took up running, whenever I wanted to smoke I’d go run a mile and it made me feel really great. I dunno it’s not easy, I had an easier time stopping putting shizit up my nose. So good luck bro, just keep in mind you don’t want to start up another bad habit to take care of this one, replace it with something good.

  8. Sharice Astrella said:

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  9. Joesph Ristaino said:

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