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Why are people more interested in having everyone STOP smoking, but dont seem to care about auto emissions?

Smoking is bad for your health, but what about the exhaust from the all of the cars trucks planes etc that are now and have been poluting our air for over fifty years. If you take a good look at ciggarette smokers production of smoke compared to the emissions from all of the cars planes etc, the figures are staggering! So why are we not stopping some driving along with Stopping smoking?

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10 Responses to “Why are people more interested in having everyone STOP smoking, but dont seem to care about auto emissions?”

  1. DavidK93 said :

    Well, one obvious reason is that auto emissions are tied to the vital function of transportation, while cigarette smoking has no benefits of any kind. In addition, it may be difficult for people to stop smoking, but if they do choose to do so, then quitting itself is the only difficulty. If a person decided to just stop driving, he or she would have to re-plan the logistics of his or her entire life. Apart from that, there has actually been a lot of attention paid to auto emissions lately, including promotion of fuels like ethanol that have lower emissions and hybrid vehicles that require less fuel.

  2. Doug k said :

    People need cars to get to work I suppose. I agree with you that car exhaust is probably responsible for THOUSANDS of times more cancer deaths. No studies have probably been done, nor will they be.

  3. jtslue24 said :

    I do not smoke, but I agree 100% with your statement. My mother smokes, and has for a long time, and we talk about this amongst ourselves because people like to voice their opinion out loud to those who are smoking. They don’t address the auto emissions because that is a real problem, and in this country especially (USA) we have a big problem with addressing a problem with a solution that fits. It is easier to pick on those who choose to smoke rather than those who choose to drive their car around 300 miles a day because it passes the time. Yes, auto transportation is vital for some people, but it is also as much a luxury as the next thing. A previous answer I viewed said something about smoking is something that no one needs to do, and it is not vital and whatnot. They’re right, it is not vital, but then again, it is also not easy to quit. People smoke because the drug niccotine gives them a relaxing feeling. It may be a luxury, but it’s also a personal choice, and isn’t that one of our fundamental beliefs in this country?

  4. JAREAD said :

    What took you so long to discover that the ban on smoking is slight of hand used by the government to convince everyone who is dying from Diesel Fumes, that it is the Tobacco Industry who is killing people and not the Oil Companies. If you want to shorten your life. Drive behind a Diesel burning truck for a while. Our cars are clean except they are converting Carbon Monoxide int Sulfur Dioxide which turns to Sulfurous acid when it rains.
    The Diesel engines are very powerful, but very very dirty.

  5. Roadkill said :

    Because the whole lot of you just want to stop somebody else from doing something that really doesn’t have anything to do with you at all. The Germans have a word for it, but its basically inflicting suffering on others for your own amusement.

    You’re polluting my Freedom with your busy body activities. Mind your own business. Sit down and shut up.

  6. The Gadfly said :

    Smoking is about personal health and the health of those in the vicinity. It’s bad, but it’s a matter of choice. If someone want to kill himself slowly, let him. However, I still think tobacco is a dangerous, addictive drug and should be treated the same way as other dangerous drugs

    Auto emissions are bad for everyone and are killing the planet. This a a serious problem that needs addressing before it’s too late.

    It’s not an either/or question. Both these problems should be addressed.

  7. campbelp2002 said :

    You smoke, right?

  8. DrHenry said :

    One interesting thing is that the people I know that want to ban all smoking, push for legalizing pot. Seems to be a problem with that logic also.

    The real difference is that smoking bans effect fewer people and the government really doesn’t mean to stop smoking. The government makes too much money in taxes. In fact the feds make more profit that the tobacco companies. Cars can not be banned because of the economy and anyone who tried would be booted out of office very quickly.

  9. Txlady said :

    You always NEED transportation, in some form, to survive…you never NEED a cigarette.

  10. swbarnes2 said :

    Because smoking casues serious health damage (like cancer, emphysema, etc) to a huge percentage of people who smoke.

    Car exhaust just doesn’t cause lung cancer or chronic lung disease in anywhere near the same proportion.


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