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How do I get my girlfriend to stop smoking weed?

I love her so much but she really has a problem. She’s habitually smoking marijuana with her friends all the time. I’ve asked her to stop and she had promised be that she would stop but I’ve caught her smoking with her friends anyway. What should I say to her? What should I do? She doesn’t seem to be listening… I’m really worried about her

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5 Responses to “How do I get my girlfriend to stop smoking weed?”

  1. Jose said :

    look, there is nothing wrong with smoking weed whatsoever. It’s not like she’s gonna over dose on it because it’s impossible. How is smoking weed a “problem” she’s not hurting your or anyone or herself for that matter.

  2. hey girl heeyyy said :

    nothings wrong with smoking weed. how is it hurting you? how is it hurting her? its not so dont be lame about it, why dont you try smoking with her? you guys could chill together and you wouldnt be nagging her to quit something thats harmless.

  3. merger said :

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  4. midnightmoon said :

    Coming from your screen name, thats funny.

    Its her life, and marijuana isnt that bad. Either break up with her and move on, or let it go and stop letting it ruin your relationship.

  5. Yeti said :

    You generally have to end the relation and let her know the reason.

    If she cares about you (and herself) she’ll utterly quit it.

    Otherwise she cares about the drug more than you, and the only way to get her to eventually quit is to be one in a string of things she demonstrably loses because of it.

    As long as you stick around, she has no reason to quit.

    And do be forewarned, people like that generally don’t quit because someone tells them to. They won’t listen. It is only when their life goes on a long enough path and they see the penalties outweigh the rewards that they shape up, and it’s not unusual that takes years. You can’t wait around for that if you already know better.


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