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How can i get my friends to stop smoking weed?

All of my very best friends have started smoking weed. I don’t know if they want to be cool or if they actually like it, but they’re doing it, and i really want them to stop.

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10 Responses to “How can i get my friends to stop smoking weed?”

  1. Final said :

    Don’t judge it before you try it!

  2. Jake C said :

    Dude, it’s their life, don’t try and act like their parents or something. If they like to smoke weed, let them. It’s really not as bad as you think. It’s not as bad as smoking cigarettes or drinking. Better yet, chill and get high with them! You cant judge something so harsh until you actually know what its like. Dont worry, theyre not addicted, theyre not turning into druggies, there just doing something that over 90% of the population has done.

    Just dont freak out over it. And if your trying to find teenage friends in todays world that dont smoke weed, your going to have a hard time.

  3. SHUSH GURL said :

    Uuh, actually Jake C. it is bad.
    It’s far more dangerous than you think it is.

    It slows down your thinking and responses.
    So, what happens when you suddenly get yourself into the freeway and in probably 10 seconds a car is going to hit you. And what would happen next?
    You would get crushed. To death.

    Marijuana isn’t addictive unlike cigarettes. So, it should be (maybe) easy to get them to stop.

  4. ~<3Rainbow Zebra~* said :

    you can’t make someone stop something they don’t want to… they have to want to on their own… it’s not as bad as a lot of people think, and if it bothers you that much you need to tell them, let them know it hurts you, and tell them facts that would incourage them to stop.

  5. Oscar M said :

    you can’t and shouldn’t make them stop. It’s their choice, and your being a shitty friend by trying to stop them. Don’t knock what you haven’t tried..

  6. L337ish said :

    If they want to smoke it then you have to let them smoke it.

    I hated it for my entire life until I tried it.

    P.S. (No one has ever died from smoking marijuana, EVER)

  7. ninjaboygp247 said :

    wow, if you are trying to get your friends to stop, you are way too nosy in their lifes. something like crack or meth that could ruin their life, try to stop them. but weed is doing little to no harm to them.

  8. sewersquirrel104 said :

    Of course, they actually like it. It is not bad and you should try to either inform your self of the real facts or try it before you judge them. You cannot overdose on weed, nobody has ever died from it, and the only ‘harmful’ side effect is your lung capacity might drop slightly if you smoke it. But you don’t have to smoke it.

    Just let them smoke what they want. You should try it for your self and you’ll see why they do it in the first place. But telling them not to smoke isn’t a good idea, it’s not harming them.

    And whoever said you’ll get in a car accident and die is an idiot. Studies show that marijuana users drive more cautiously while intoxicated. Just the government says it ‘impairs your driving skills.’

  9. frosty said :

    its their choice theres nothing wrong with it, if you choose to not use it thats your own personal opinion.

  10. RedEYEJedi said :

    stop being such a little girl. they ARE cool and they LIKE it or else they WOULDN’T do it.
    so you might as well just sit next to them and catch a couple whacks when that doob comes your way


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