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How do I stop smoking with no support from friends or family?

I am almost 7 months pregnant, and I have tried many times to stop smoking. I am attempting once more. I get alot of pressure from my fiancee who also smokes. Also, he seems unwilling to even try to support me through this. My “friends” still light up right in fromt of me, to the fact where I have to leave the room just to not be around the smoke. Isit even possible to quit with all this going on? Any suggestions?

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5 Responses to “How do I stop smoking with no support from friends or family?”

  1. gurlluvtom said :

    good for u to quit
    of course u can
    quit little by little
    every 4 or 5 days give up a cigarette, (it worked for me)
    i doubt u can use the patch cause ur pregnant..
    have a very honest talk w/ ur fiance about him not smoking around u. or even better giving it up with u 🙂

  2. Bon Bon said :

    My husband went to a hypnotist. It actually worked.

  3. KS said :

    Yes, that is tough. People around you should have more respect to smoke right in front of you especially since you are pregnant. Your fiancee should know better too, hopefully you guys don’t smoke in front of the baby or even in the house. I guess the only thing I can say is try to avoid places or people that smoke but I guess that is kind of hard being they are your friends. Tell your fiancee to go outside when he wants to smoke. For yourself try buying some suckers instead of the cigarettes.

  4. Nicole said :

    7 months? You should really stop smoking. Do it for your child at least. It’s very tactless of others to smoke in front of you. Perhaps you should meet your friends in smoke free zones. Get your fiancee to try and quit too. Honestly, don’t you want to be alive to watch your child grow up?

    Smoking does kill you. Really it does. It also destroys the alveoli in your lungs which causes emphysema. Don’t believe the rumours about lungs being repaired. That is not true. I learnt this in Biology this year which is obviously an attempt to get prevent us from smoking at an early age. Your lungs can also get infected because of your affected immune system.

    Nicotine will paralyse the cilia hairs that normally sweep up mucus. This causes a build up of mucus and causes the person to cough continually. The continual coughing will eventually damage your lungs.

    I hope you do eventually stop smoking.

  5. Hank Mooney said :

    I quited smoking 4 years a ago because my wife didn’t like me to smoke and when she got pregnant I felt its important that our child grows up in a smoke free environment.

    So I just simply quit, it was not easy, I started to have such a mode swings and anger as soon as I talked to anyone, but I did not use anything to quit.
    I just stopped one day.

    What is important is to think about your child in this situation, you really can’t continue to smoke and step down each day, you need to quit now as really you won’t be able to forgive your self if any damage would be done to the child because it was difficult for you to stop smoking.

    I am not judging you, I am just telling the hard fact here, sorry but thats how it is.

    I found also this product recently when I was going through to find products to promote for my online business.
    I have not tried it, I have not bought it my self, it was simply a product I thought looked good to try to sell as it at the same time will help people to stop smoking.
    If you care, take a look

    Best of wishes for you and your family
    ps. remember that it is unhealthy for you and your child if you husband smokes near you ds.
    Tell him to stop as well 🙂



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