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How can I get my girlfriend to stop smoking weed?

Were in 10th grade. I want her to stop smoking weed cause it makes her act really different when shes high. And that I lost my cousin a year ago to weed. I don’t wanna lose her and I told her that. I also told her that its either me or weed. Then she started crying saying how im going to leave her. So how can I get her to stop?

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5 Responses to “How can I get my girlfriend to stop smoking weed?”

  1. Jus said :

    use killex, thats wat my dad uses when he wants to stop weeds.

  2. briaunnaaa said :

    lost your cousin to weed?

    you can’t die from smoking pot.

  3. Taylor said :

    hey, you should message me about what you mean by “loosing your cousin to weed”.

    You know it’s virtually impossible to overdose from smoking weed, right? You know there’s never been one death, not ONE SINGLE death ever from smoking too much weed?

    You should smoke with her instead of making her quit. I’m sure you’ll both be a lot happier!

  4. jasper said :

    Hate to tell ya bro, she’s addicted. That’s a hard cycle to break. Good luck

  5. Dr Fred said :

    Really way to stop smoking
    I recommend indian medicine. This is the best pharmacy today:


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