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How can I get my girlfriend to stop smoking?

She doesn’t smoke very often and had actually quit for quite a while but she recently started again and it really hurts me when she does because my father has emphysema and has a spot on his lungs from smoking and I’ve had to watch him suffer for quite a while, but they’re addicting and I know it’s very difficult to stop. I was just wondering if there is a sure fire way to stop once and for all.

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11 Responses to “How can I get my girlfriend to stop smoking?”

  1. chelseagirl said :

    i smoke and all you ppl have NOOOOOOOO idea how hard it is to quit. and your nagging does not help.

  2. τнε ßεℓℓατrιχ said :

    If you feel this strongly about it, tell her you’ll break up with her if she doesn’t quit. If she quits, awesome. If she doesn’t, you’re relationship must not be that strong and you’re all the better for it.

  3. DollFace24 said :

    The usual stuff, the patch, the gum. For some people eating healthy and exercise help.

  4. unknown said :

    get her sprung best way

  5. Kitt said :

    LOOK I KNOW THI GONNA SOUND SOO WIRED… but u just constantly makeout n’ hav sex then she can t hav ” a pipe”

  6. bubbles said :

    well tell her to stop and that you are there for her and whatever it takes you will supoort her and tell her to be patient and u as well

  7. Samous said :

    buy her one of those twelve packs of gum, the kind you get at cosco.

  8. funny6612 said :

    there is no sure fire way… sorry. ive been through this same thing. my uncle who i am very close to smokes… he wont quite either…

    try taping a picture of yourself or other loved ones on the pack.
    talk to her. tell her about these feeling you have and that you strongly believe she should quit for good.
    there are support groups. you could have her join one…

    DONT do anything like make her chose between you or the cigeretts. that will just make her feel even more unloved and she will want to smoke more. it’ll stress her out. you should be supporting her quit in a productive way.

  9. giirLy.GiirL said :

    if you get her to quit please tell me how
    i’m going true something similar
    except that my bf has smoked for years
    and like, a lot
    he also quit for a while but since his family smokes the narguile or hookah he started again
    it’s really dificult for smokers to quit but i really hope he and your gf can stop smoking
    good luck!

  10. Josh said :

    Sure, it’s possible to stop, but it takes an average of five attempts! So don’t give up, it’s normal for smokers to backslide. The fact that she quit is a good sign, she can do it again. If she’s young, you could tell her that she will probably end up smoking more and then stopping will be a bitch. If she’s smoked for many years and is a light smoker, she doesn’t run that risk, she should be able to stop whenever she’s motivated.

  11. Hank said :

    I know that this may seem like an off beat answer but I went to a witch for help with a love spell, once that worked out well I tried a spell to quit smoking. I have smoked for 15 years and she was totally able to decrease my cravings. I am not a non smoker and would recommend trying her out. Her website is


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